4 reasons to choose self catering cottages

This week I’ll be away with work and, as we did in the last few years, we booked a self-catering cottage. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll see pictures from the cottage and my trip.

There are a lot of agencies online and I use 2 of them. I couldn’t find any difference between them. Is the same process as booking a room in a B&B or hotel. This is my short list of reasons why I choose self catering cottages. All the pictures are from cottages we’ve been to around UK and I’ll probably blog about the new cottage after I get back.

1. Privacy. Cottages are usually detached or semi-detached and this offers more privacy. We had our own garden and outside space. They aren’t near busy roads and that is very nice too. In a warm day it’s great because you can sit and relax, talk about the plans for the day. In winter or on a cold day, it’s great to have a hot tea/coffee while enjoying the view.

2. Charm. Most of them are old buildings, cottages full of character or refurbished cowsheds or other similar types of properties.
Although not all of them are old, it’s quite easy to find amazing character properties almost everywhere. Also, some of them have amazing extras like sauna, pool, game room.

3. Own kitchen. Cooking can be the last thing on someone’s mind when it comes to holidays, but having a real kitchen it’s really handy even to prepare a snack and tea/coffee. On business trips we’ve stayed at cottages and after 10+ hours on 3″-4″ heels and talking with hundreds of people, I prefer to bake a ready-made pizza or pasta instead of going to eat at a restaurant.

4. Rural location but in easy reach of the city. So far, all the cottages I’ve stayed in were at only 15-30 minutes from the city centre. Obviously, some of the cottages are in remote areas, but if you want to stay near a busy city, there are plenty of options.

We travel with the dog as I don’t want to leave him in a kennel, it would be too stressful (for me and for him too) not to have him with us. So this type of accommodation was perfect for us for this reason too.

Have you ever been in a self catering cottage?

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  1. There are certain benefits of choosing Self Catering Accommodation instead of Hotels.Renting a holiday home can also provide everyone with their won space rather than having to share space as is often the case in a hotel suite.

  2. I love staying at cottages, it feels much more homely for the holiday. In fact my parents own some holiday cottages if you wanted to have a look

  3. I went on a blogging holiday almost a year ago to a cottage like this, it was such a lovely cottage and I’d be up for doing it again 🙂

    Corinne x

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