Royal Wedding Celebrations

I was so excited about the wedding of Prince Harry with Meghan, that I’ve decided we need to have our own Royal Wedding Celebrations. After thinking for a bit, I’ve decided to make an afternoon tea with a British and American theme. Also, I’ve made a cake. Initially it was part of the afternoon tea, but my husband said it would be better to make a full-size cake and I’ve agreed.

I loved the wedding. It was beautiful, she looked amazing in her wonderfully simple dress, and they both looked so happy. It was a delight to watch and I hope they will be happy together for the rest of their lives.

Royal Wedding Celebrations

I was thinking of bunting, but I didn’t have the time to make it. Instead I’ve decorated the table with beautiful purple and white flowers. Purple for Royalty, obviously, and the white flowers are called “bride’s flowers” in Romanian tradition. I have no idea if in the UK they are associated with weddings or not, but for me it made sense.

Royal Wedding Celebrations - sandwiches

A trio of sandwiches, all with British flavours: cucumber, cheese and onion, and egg and mayo. I used Spring onions in the cheese and onion sandwich and it turned out delicious.

Royal Wedding Celebrations - Mac and cheese

Mac and cheese for the American part of the afternoon tea. Maybe sounds a bit strange, but it works. We both enjoyed it. The recipe I’ve used is a traditional American recipe. You can find it on my food blog, there is a link at the end of post with my food blog.

Royal Wedding Celebrations - scones

Two types of scones. One with raisins and the other one with mixed peel. Served with rich clotted cream and two types of jam: strawberries and homemade grape jam. To make things easier I’ve made only one dough of scones, cut it in half, then added the mixed peel to half of it and raisins to the other half. This way I didn’t have to make two batches, I saved time and didn’t have to make loads either.

Royal Wedding Celebrations - desserts

A trio of desserts: trifle, set yoghurt, and passion fruit cheesecake. My husband loves trifle and made like this, in individual portions, works great. The set yoghurt was delicious, elderflower and freeze dried strawberries. It is something new and modern. The passion fruit cheesecake was no bake, so it took only a few minutes to make.

Royal Wedding Celebrations - tea

The flowering tea not only looks amazing, but it’s quite light and delicate. I love the taste and it was very appropriate for the Royal Wedding afternoon tea.

Royal Wedding Celebrations - cake

This is a slice of the Elderflower and Lemon Cake. I shared the recipe on my food blog. It was so delicious, I’ve enjoyed it a lot. I will make it again.


I took this picture (with the phone) while I was watching the wedding. I can’t believe how many people turned out at Windsor. I’ve been there a few years ago, with Festus, and the Long Walk is, indeed very long. It was amazing to see so many people joining in their celebrations.

Did you watch the wedding? Let me know if you had Royal Wedding Celebrations as we did. I would love to know how everybody celebrated.

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  1. What a lovely feast you created! I didn’t really do anything for the wedding and now I wish I had! Your elderflower and lemon cake sounds particularly delicious and I will definitely be stealing your recipe for that one!

  2. Oooh Anca, you made a real delicate feast here! What a wonderful assortments of treats to eat. You are such a good cook! I like the sound of the sandwiches with added onion!

  3. I love the photo of your flowering tea. Years ago I was given a kit that came with a clear teapot and a variety of teas to “bloom” in it. It was great fun!

    I didn’t watch the wedding, but I did search out Bishop Curry’s sermon on YouTube. He’s a powerful speaker and I knew it would be good!

  4. Your celebrations look amazing. Love that you combined a British and American theme for the food, it all looks so delicious especially that stunning cake. We were at another event so didn’t watch the wedding myself but she looked beautiful and elegant and I love how in love and happy they both look together.

  5. The food looks so delicious! I hope you enjoyed it 🙂

    I wasn’t going to watch the wedding, but it ended up being compulsive viewing.

  6. We loved watching the Royal Wedding, the joining of two lives together – beautiful. Your celebrations look amazing, my carpet picnic with the children was nothing in comparison to this

  7. Ah beautiful photos Anca, looks like you and your husband had a wonderful time celebrating Meghan and Harry’s wedding! The afternoon tea looks delicious, especially that pot of mac n’ cheese – yum!

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