vegan BBQ


I’m going to start with the most amazing news, of course. You might have already seen that I’m going to go to Oxford to read history. I’m so excited about this. It took two years to get to this point and I couldn’t be happier. You can read more about it here, when I talked […]

Chill Factore - Snowboarding and skying

Chill Factore

My husband and I passed on the motorway beside Chill Factore countless times on our way to Manchester. We wanted to try it out, but kept postponing. Finally we went earlier this month and tried their Snow Passes. These are £12.50 per person for 1h that allows access to the activity area. This includes three […]

Collage with the bakes from 2018

Baking the Bake Off

For the last four years I’ve baked along the Bake Off (if you consider 2017 baking along though). I made round-ups for 2016 and 2015 (links to the posts, pictures are at the end of this post). I didn’t share a round-up for the last year and neither for 2017 (after they moved to Channel […]

Me, Going to Oxford University

Going to Oxford University

I’m sure you can imagine how excited I am to write this post, to share that I’m going to Oxford University next month! I will read history! Isn’t that amazing?! I spent two years searching for the best options for me; that involved going on open days to a few universities, including to three open […]

Caravan Renovations. Before and After - Kitchen

Caravan Renovations

We’ve had our caravan for a while now, more than three years. We’ve changed a couple of things, but we wanted to do more. When the reading lights started to act out and needed replacement, we’ve decided that’s a good time to make all the caravan renovations we were planning. When we bought the caravan […]

Band 8 IELTS Academic

Band 8 IELTS Academic

I pondered a couple of days on the title of this post. I was pondering between How to Get Band 8 IELTS Academic or How I got Band 8 at IELTS Academic (sounded a bit like I was bragging). In the end, I’ve decided on the shorter version of Band 8 IELTS Academic because I […]

McManus Museum in Dundee


This is the last post from my holiday in Scotland. I would have published it sooner, but I had other things to talk about as well. It’s a bit sad, because I loved looking through the pictures and remembering the places I’ve been to. I talked about V&A Dundee before, so check that blog post […]

Car, dog cage, dog in the background

Changing the Tires

Changing the tires can be annoying and a bit dangerous if you are on the motorway or on A-roads, but if you have the dog with you in the boot, things get even more complicated. Since we got Festus, nearly 10 years ago, we hoped we’ll never have a tire blowing up while he is […]

Women's Series

Women’s Series

Women’s Series is a new race series, in which all the racers are women. It’s a different kind of racing, as all the cars are the same. For every race, the drivers changed the cars between them and the mechanics as well. In this way, neither of them had an advantage. When we saw that […]