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This month we didn’t have any holidays, but we’ve had fun using a new fab subscription box called Buckt. Don’t miss that post, especially if you are living close to Manchester. We’ve started going to the gym regularly. On top of that, my husband and I went to a vegan fair, LABL and it was lovely, and a friend and I went to SPA and a movie.

Doing a bit of DIY

In March my husband and I started renovating our spare room, and that kept us busy, and still does. It was an office before, but now it will be a new and better office, more suitable for our needs. This is how my husband (and dog) worked on my huge new desk. It’s quite remarkable that some panels of wood are transformed in a beautiful and modern piece of furniture, exactly how I wanted it to be.
We are nearly done. By the end of next week, the room should be ready for us to “move in” and start working. I’m going to share pictures from the office when is ready. The last decorations might take a bit longer though, but I want everything to be perfect and I’m not in a rush. So far I’m loving how the office turned out.


DIY is tiring business indeed.

March round-up

1. Plastic free packaging at Iceland. 2. Baked some vegan cookies from Deliciously Ella cookbook. 3. The book I’m reading: Queen Elizabeth II: Her Life in Our Times by Sarah Bradford. 4. Still renovating the office. 5. Pancake Day! 6. Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine. 7. 209 Women. 8. New headphones. 9. Flowers from my husband. 10. We watched Crufts, all of us, including a very vocal Festus when it was flyball and agility. 11. Cute dog in the car park. 12. Delicious bean soup. 13. All 5 books arrived today. 14. Freshly baked bread, still warm when I got it from the supermarket. 15. BJ’s Bingo. 16. F1 season is starting. 17. Ping pong at Twenty Twenty Two. 18. Visit to Tatton Park Farm (actually the day before, but on Monday I worked and workout, not very Instagramable). 19. One of my favourite handbags: Ted Baker. 20. Croxteth. 21. Avignon to Croxteth by Maureen Lavelle. 22. Chinese Dragon Biscuits. 23. Vegan Fair at St. George’s Hall – LABL. 24. A new order at The Body Shop, mainly with things for my husband. 25. Wild Swans: Three Daughters of China by Jung Chang. 26. I only went in to look at a chair… then I started with the plates, mugs, and some more bits and pieces. 27. Tree in bloom. 28. Urban Calm SPA. 29. Napoleon’s Hat Biscuits. 30. New book I’ve started reading: The Scandalous Duchess by Anne O’Brien. 31. Festus, enjoying an “entire slice of bread” as a treat. It’s small, but shaped like a slice of bread, so something we joke about.


This month I’ve also made some pretty fun biscuits, like Napoleon’s Hat and Chinese Dragons. Both recipes are on CookStyle.

Books I read in March

I did like these books, but two of them were extraordinary and I would recommend them to everybody. Firstly, Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine, is a novel about loneliness and metal health, written in a fantastic manner. I couldn’t put the book down. It was just incredible.
The second one is Wild Swans: Three Daughters of China, an emotional and raw story about three women, grandmother, mother, and daughter, and their lives in China. Her grandmother had her feet bonded and was a concubine, her mother was a Communist believing in their ideology before being incarcerated (as was her husband) due to true nature of communism. She, the daughter and author, talks about her life in an egalitarian society, where nobody was encouraged to shine, where personal abilities were disregarded. The story touches on important aspects of Chinese history like the Leap Forward that led to the Great Famine, and, of course, the Cultural Revolution. It is a must read in an age raising populism. You can see the reviews for the books I read on my book blog.

List with books I’ve finished in March, 7 in total, written by women, and some about women:
What Happened by Hillary Rodham Clinton – 4 stars
Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine by Gail Honeyman – 5 stars
Queen Elizabeth II: Her Life in Our Times by Sarah Bradford – 3.5 stars
Matilda by Tracy Borman – 5 stars
Wild Swans: Three Daughters of China by Jung Chang – 5 stars
Avignon to Croxteth by Maureen Lavelle – 4.5 stars
The Comet Sweeper by Claire Broke – 3 stars
and the cookbook: Deliciously Ella: The Plant-Based Cookbook by Ella Mills (Woodward). I don’t count it towards my reading challenge goal, but it was nice and I’ve tried a recipe and enjoyed it, thus mentioned it in my round-up.

DNF: Making Animals Happy by Temple Grandin. She is a lovely person, but I didn’t enjoy the book, it was too simplistic.

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  1. I take it the dog was the supervisor! 😀

    Well done in getting 7 books finished. I’m listening to an audiobook and I’ve come to realise it takes a lot longer to get through an audiobook than it does reading a book.

  2. I did laugh at Festus’s facial expression! He’s helping a lot! Haha!
    I love your summary of photos- lots of wonderful things going on. I LOVE the look of both of your biscuits! So clever! The books look great too. I am interested in the one about Matilda! She intrigued me when I read a book about the Kings and Queens of England and was intrigued to know more!

  3. I bet Festus is a wonderful helper. 🙂

    I like these monthly posts and have already been to your other blogs to check out some of your posts there. The dragon cookies are really cute!

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