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Last weekend we went to Morecambe. It was a lovely day, sunny and great for walking on the beach. It was also very interesting to see the Morecambe Winter Gardens, an old theatre which fights for its survival.


Isn’t this a gorgeous view?

Morecambe Winter Gardens

This is the outside of the Morecambe Winter Gardens. It was open for Heritage Open Days. They want to raise awareness that this might be Eden North. I think that is great as it will boost tourist numbers in the area.


 Ticket centre

Morecambe Winter Gardens

This theatre opened in 1897 and it hosted music festivals. It was both a concert hall and variety theatre and it was one of the largest in the North West of England. As you can see from this pictures, it was beautifully decorated. By mid 1970s it started to decline and in 1977 it was closed. Only a few years later, in 1982, the original Winter Gardens were demolished. Friends of the Winter Gardens stepped in and saved this building.



Now they have tours of the building, a cafe with lovely staff and lovely tea&coffee. The theatre can be rented out for events.



 Detail balcony


I think it’s well worth a visit, so keep it in mind if you are looking for something to do on a day out in the area.


After the visit to the theatre we went for a walk along the seashore.

Sea with rocks

We looked at the cafes dotted around the shore, but none of them had vegan options.


One of the best things of the day was going into this second hand bookshop. I think it looks gorgeous, like a treasure trove. When we got in, my husband said that he can’t imagine that anyone can find a book they were looking for in here. He had no idea how wrong that was, as I found not only one, but two books.


I got a book by Agatha Christie and, la piece de resistance, Winston Churchill’s The Second World War, in 6 volumes. It was something I wanted to buy and I found it in the shop. I would love to go back and see what other treasures I might find there.


We had a lovely time. It was a shame about the lack of vegan options, but I imagine that if more tourists are coming in, they will have to expand their range to accommodate everyone.

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  1. I ADORE Agatha Christie- I first read ‘The ABC murders’ when I was 10- we went to France on holiday for 2 weeks and it rained the entire time we were there and I’d finished my Enid Blyton books by Day 4- I borrowed my Mum’s Agatha Christies and that was it! So glad you enjoyed it! I would LOVE that Second hand book shop!
    Morecambe looks beautiful! That theatre is utterly exquisite! It reminds me of the Wetherspoon in Tunbridge Wells which used to be the Tunbridge Wells Opera house!
    The beach looks lovely!

  2. I could totally lose myself in that bookshop. My idea of heaven.

    I’ve not read any Agatha Christie, though I hope to remedy that soon. I have several marked at the library and on my wishlist.

    We have that six-volume set of Winston Churchill’s on our shelf. It originally belonged to my father-in-law, I believe.

  3. Oh, look at all those Donna Leon books on that chair! I just started reading her mysteries set in Venice. They’re quite good. I’m wondering which Agatha Christie you bought. They read very fast and I can never outthink her!

    I have a VERY soft spot in my heart for classic theatre architecture and have visited many. This one is a treasure and how I would love to see it in person. Your photos are outstanding. Such beautiful details. I could imagine getting married there or having a wonderful celebration. I hope in time (and maybe even now) they will still have stage or concert performances — it’s such a gorgeous venue.

    I would be crazy in that book shop. I’d lose it completely.

    1. I got And Then There Were None. There were many more tempting books in there, like biographies, but I try to buy a limited amount of books due to the limited amount on space available in my bookcases.

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