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Varta Power Bank 6000 and 2600 Review

I was excited to receive these two Varta Power Banks to try. I had a no-name Power Bank and I found it hard to use, it took such a long time to charge the phone. I had high expectations from Varta and the products turned out to be even better that I hoped it would be.

 Varta Power Bank Review

I received VARTA Power Bank 6000 and VARTA Power Bank 2600. I used both of them and my favourite is the 6000 model, as it has more power, exactly how much I need.

 Varta Power Bank Review

Power Bank 6000 can charge up to 2 phones or 1 tablet and it can charge 2 devices at once. It has a high speed charge and its weigh is less than 200g. I like how it looks, it’s sturdy and it does charge fast.

I used it to charge my phone. I had around 60% battery and in 30 minutes it got to 90% while I was using the GPS too. I think it’s fantastic. On my first trip to London, 4 years ago, I walked a lot in the centre and I almost ran out of battery. Without a power bank and with the GPS on, it was amazing I managed to have some battery left to find my way back and I had to switch off the phone once in a while. So this is why I wanted to see how the Varta Power Bank will cope. I was impressed. I will have the Power Bank with me next time I’m in a new city without a doubt.

 Varta Power Bank Review

To further test the Power Bank, I took it with me to the Flywheel Festival. As you can see from the picture, the power bank’s size is similar to the phone. I will take it with me the next couple of days, when I’ll be at British Style Collective, a clothes show in Liverpool.

I prefer the slim version. I could use it when I’m working as it looks professional and slick. I will take the pink Power Bank with me at blogging events, to make sure I can take as many pictures with the phone as I want.

 Varta Power Bank Review

Let’s start with the obvious: it’s pink and cute! As I said, I would take this Power Bank with me at blogging events. It’s smaller and it charges the phone fast. It comes in different colours, if somehow you don’t love pink. The Power Bank has 61g, it’s so light and it can fully charge a phone.

When it comes to price, Varta Power Bank 6000 is around £27 and Varta Power Bank 2600 is around £10, prices I saw online. I would definitely recommend both of them. I think they are amazing as gifts too.

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  1. I really should invest in one of these powerbanks, it drives my family mad everytime they phone and its flat

  2. I can’t remember life without my power bank – it’s so helpful when travelling!

  3. I love these little battery lifesavers. I haven’t seen this one before but at £10 it’s a bargain!

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