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My thoughts on The Apprentice

I imagine it would be interesting to talk about my thoughts on The Apprentice now, when three years ago I said it was my favourite TV show. A couple of years ago I went to the Bridge cafe, one of the cafes where the loosing team goes to talk.

My thoughts on The Apprentice
the picture is from three years ago

If you are not familiar with the show, there are 16 contestants fighting for gaining a £250,000 investment in their business idea, having Lord Sugar as their business partner. It is, obviously, a great prize to win, plus exposure and also having the added bonus of getting the business acumen Lord Sugar and his team have.

I used to enjoy the show more than I do know. It seems each series has its own less than savoury remarks or ideas, like Colony Gin from 2016 or the cringe worthy Gourmet Crusaders last year, in a team that had a Muslim. That was so bad.

This year it seems that it gets worse. I might be mistaken, but it looks like the BBC are willing to show the candidates at home, preparing to go out, in their underwear, applying lipstick and so on. Why do they need to show that is beyond me. A show about business should be less like Big Brother or Love Island (I’m not watching those, but I’ve seen a few images from the house). I would rather see more on them on the tasks.

In the last episode I didn’t understand why the women’s team won. Why the guys from WHSmith placed a big order for a comic book for children, that was not aimed at 8 to 12 years old as they said, had grammar mistakes and only a couple of words in French, but was advertised as an “educational book” is beyond me. The PM on that task said a few puzzling things too. First of all, she said that some children only go in caravanning holidays in UK, so they might not know other languages exist. How is that appropriate? Also, it makes no sense, you don’t have to go abroad to find out that other nations speak other languages. As a child studying in Romania, at school I’ve started English lessons at the age of 7 and French at 10. Besides I learned Italian and Spanish by watching telly. Even though I haven’t practiced the last three in a long time, I’m still able to understand and read in all. I imagine most children in UK can learn a foreign language at school, correct me if I’m wrong.

Furthermore, she had no idea who Kim Jong-un is. How is that possible? Beside this, I don’t think Lord Sugar should compare his candidates with Kim Jong-un or Putin. Having a brush attitude doesn’t make one a dictator. It’s not the first time Lord Sugar makes this kind of analogies and I think they are inappropriate.

Despite these, I still enjoy the show. I can’t say that is my favourite anymore, but I still watch it. I wish they would restrain themselves from talking nonsense. Before taking the interviews, they should be let to consider their answers. I think they would come up with better and more appropriate answers. That will not diminish the show at all. I don’t imagine the parents who can only afford a week at a holiday park found her comments funny. She is made to sound as a snob, but I don’t think she is one.

These are my thoughts on The Apprentice. Do you watch it? What do you think about the candidates?

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  1. I can understand how you feel. A lot happens with our favourite reality shows that are far beyond our control; I am glad you could still enjoy the show

  2. I used to love it when it first aired.. but it seemed less and less professional as the series went on. I don’t watch it anymore and from the sounds of it, I don’t think I’d enjoy it if it’s showing a lot more of them than it should. Wonder why they strayed so far from the main objective of the show? I also wonder where they find these people.. they surely aren’t the best of the best, are they?!

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