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My garden in April

Exactly one month ago, on the 26th, I made the last update, now it’s time for My garden in April update. I took the pictures earlier today. Check the March post is you want to see the transformation, it’s huge. I planted a few more bulbs, hence the need for some exploratory excavation. I found a few, pressed them back in, before digging for a suitable place for the new plants. Right now I have no idea what is planted where, besides the plants from last year and the ones that are now in bloom. It’s not the best approach, I know.

My garden in April

I am constantly surprised by how many plants survived the winter and very happy about it too. Passiflora is not looking good, so we cut it down, hoping that it will pick up in the coming months. If not, we will see what we can do, maybe try to move the indoor passiflora outside. This is not photoshoped, but taken again, after asking Festus to move for a bit, the first picture taken is the one below.

My garden in April - Festus

The grass, which was installed about 6 weeks ago, is doing great. It is gorgeous, really lush and green. My husband cut the grass three times, it grows incredibly fast. Also, our dog Festus loves the new grass, see the picture below.


He is doing daily grass rolls. As the weather was great this month, we spent a lot of time outdoors or in the conservatory, while Festus was outside. I did a lot of reading outside and my husband worked at his laptop from outside too. We both enjoy watching Festus doing his rolls, as he is so funny.

pigeon and dog

This is “our” pigeon, also known as “our chicken”. He is not afraid of Festus. As for his part, Festus was trained (educated) to ignore birds since he was a pup. I spent hours with him calm near pigeons when he was only 3-4 months old and, after 11+ years, he is still ok with them.

Flower in pot

I bought two plants from Arley Gardens and this is one of them, is called Lutea. It grew a bit from when we got it and the three small plants are bigger too.

 Flower in pot

The second one was this allium, which is growing beautifully too. I can’t wait for it to bloom.


The lilies are growing, but they are spreading a bit too much. I plan to cut some of the flowers, to thin them out. If anyone has experience with lilies, please share your opinions on this. I hope I will not have to take them out of the raised bed completely.

Near the lilies are the alliums, which are growing so beautifully. My husband and I love alliums and planted a few more last month. Fingers crossed that they will grow too.


These big lilies are so much better, they are going to have a greater impact in the garden, but it doesn’t look like they are going to take over. I’m very happy with them.


After watching regularly for updates from my dahlias, two of them started to grow some leaves. These leaves are so small, this is close-up. I think they are less than 3-4 cm tall as it is.


I planted tulips and many of them are now in bloom. I love how long lasting these flowers are, which was unexpected. Besides these tulips from bulbs, I got some ready-made small tulips, like the red one in the background. I replanted them and they are really nice, long-lasting, but smaller, so it makes for a nice addition to the raised beds.


The mint plants moved around in their pots, which looks nice. We can start harvesting soon.

Fig tree

We were not sure about the fig tree, but shortly after I wrote last month that I wasn’t sure if it survived, new leaves started to appear, and new fruits too. How wonderful is that. I was afraid it got too cold for it, but it didn’t. I didn’t fleece the tree or anything in the winter.

Fig tree

The leaves are still very small, so I am very curious how fast they will grow in the next month. One of the climbing plants is growing at a very fast pace.

Raised beds

The raised beds are looking better than last month, as the plants are taller now. The tulips and daffodils are still in bloom after weeks. I just love it.

Apple tree

The family apple tree is in bloom too. I did not make notes of which branch is which, so it will be a journey of discovery when it comes to identifying the apples. There are 3 different kinds in this tree.

Herbs and fruits

The rosemary bush grew a lot, and so did the raspberry bush in the back.

Cherry tree

The cherry tree was the first to have leaves and flowers. I’m so happy that it survived the winter, as it was the last one we got and it didn’t have a lot of time to recover before it lost its leaves.

In the background there are two red growing bags. I planted an Apache potato, beetroot, tomatoes, and courgettes. I am not expecting for anything to grow, besides potatoes, as I already planted one in the winter and had a relatively good harvest in December.

Cherry tree

Strawberry plant

The strawberry plants are so wonderful. They had a couple of green leaves in the winter too and they started to grow nicely now, in spring time.

Herbs and fruits

The edible pansies are doing great too. The only thing that did not survive being moved outdoors was the chilli plants. All four died and I will remove them this week. I am not sure what I’m going to plant next, maybe some salad leaves. I still have 3 chilli plants indoors, on the window sill, so that’s good.

Edible plants

These are conservatory plants, three kinds of edible flowers and dill. I planted some basil, but so far it did not appear. I will buy a plant from the supermarket and transfer it to a bigger pot if the basil is still not willing to grow.

This is my garden in April update. I would love to hear any advice regarding the lilies, so please do tell. Also, if you have advice regarding anything else, please share it too.

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  1. Your garden is looking terrific, Anca. That grass is fabulous. And so is Festus — what a cutie! He must love that (and I’m glad he and your dove get on.) I’m impressed with all you’ve added and how well it is coming along. I wonder if the enclosed fencing helps that, helps protect it from wind and some of the elements. Well done — it looks great and will even more as the weather heats up.

    1. The fig is protected from wind and that might have helped protect it in winter. The other 2 trees have support that is tied to the fence posts because it can get windy, even with the fence as it is.
      Thank you xx

  2. Festus looks so happy rolling on the lush new grass. The grass looks perfect. So wonderful that all of your trees survived the winter and are looking good. So, the only loss was the chilly peppers? Great! Your rosemary is looking great, I just don’t have luck with it and it practically grows like crazy here so I don’t know what it could be. I’m going to ask someone to plant it for me, that is what my mother has done, she never had luck with it either. I joked with her that it must be a family thing, that rosemary doesn’t like us. Your strawberries look lovely, I planted some myself for the first time and they look exactly like yours. I hope there will be some to try too.
    Ivana Split recently posted…TRAVEL WITH MY ART #9: MALA STINIVA BAY AGAIN!My Profile

    1. The chilli peppers were from a chilli I kept last year, dried and planted in the soil, which was lovely on its own. My rosemary used to look a bit off, but I moved it in a big pot with compost instead of soil and it worked out beautifully. It’s twice as big now.
      The strawberries are old, bought some a few years ago and they keep producing fruits each year. It’s wonderful to pick up a fruit or two from the garden.

  3. Our fig isn’t looking particularly happy either, nor is our plum but I was glad to read the above commenter whho said it is the roots that are important.
    Your garden looks really gorgeous! I am so impressed! It’s so neat and tidy too!

  4. Such a huge difference! I’m glad a lot of your garden survived the winter! The grass looks so good considering how long it’s been down. I’m glad Festus seems to be enjoying it too! x


  5. Wow, what a difference a few weeks makes! Your fig tree will be fine, as long as the roots are healthy you don’t need to fleece it, we never fleece ours and it grows fruit every year. I can’t offer any advice on lilies though as we don’t grow them (their pollen is poisonous to cats if it gets on their fur and they lick it off). I’d imagine being bulbs you could simply lift and divide them. Amazing to see how much is growing so well, and really lovely to see how happy Festus is on the grass too!

    1. That’s very good to know, about the fig tree. It should grow and be even stronger for next winter. I will be away in winter, so not having to do anything about it will be very helpful.
      I had no idea about lilies and their pollen, that’s good to know for the future. I might lift some of the lilies after they bloom, so they don’t grow too much next year.
      Thank you very much for your help. xx

  6. It’s all looking so good! Start cooking with that rosemary! I had one once that got too big and woody since I didn’t harvest from it enough. Turns out my husband doesn’t really like fresh rosemary, so I quit growing it. I always loved the smell from running my figures through it and I miss that.

    Festus is so cute. ☺️ Does he ever moan with pleasure while rolling like that?
    Kelly recently posted…Flower Stamps QuiltMy Profile

    1. Aww, good to know about the rosemary. My husband is not very keen on fresh rosemary either, but even if he liked it, it’s unlikely I will ever use as much as I should to give it a proper cut. I’m not too bothered though, I like to look at it as it is. 🙂
      Festus moans, of course, with his deep voice, it sounds like a strange growl, which I think terrifies the little dog the new neighbour has.

  7. Lovely update on your garden, Anca! Festus is the king of your household. Glad the grass is looking so lush, and you all enjoy your time outdoors. Lol @ your chicken. Festus looks very relaxed about it, a well-trained dog! I think the lilies don’t like to be disturbed before they flower. Can you move them once the flowers are over? Don’t quote me on that. Hopefully someone with more experience of growing lilies can help. Your rosemary and all seedlings are looking very healthy.

    1. I will look into this, before doing anything. At the moment the lilies are bringing a bit of greenery, so it’s not that bad. :))
      The rosemary used to look a bit off, but after I moved it into that big pot it transformed. I’m very pleased, especially as I harvest it from time to time. 🙂

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