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Flora is a vegan restaurant in Verona, also gluten free. I loved our dinner there, it was just perfect before going to see Carmen at the Opera. Arena di Verona is only a few minutes away. I have only praises for them, the food was delicious and the service was spot-on. I would love to visit them again, without any doubt.

Flora, entrance

They are open for lunch and dinner. The decor is wonderful as you can see in the following picture. Also, at the end of the post there are two pictures with one of the most interesting features of the restaurant.

Flora Verona decor

We arrived a few minutes after it opened for the dinner service and so I could take a picture of the table before it was too busy. Even so, there were a few other people there, who arrived before we did. With that wonderful food, I’m not surprised that it is busy.

As usual, we got different dishes and shared them between us.


We ordered Aperols, as one does in Italy.

Artichoke dish

For starters we had Gratin in Armonia which is made with artichokes and a vegan cheese. I think it had an interesting taste, but I am not sure about it. I loved the second starter we had, so that’s what I would order next time.

Cappuccino - soup

Named cappuccino, this was an white and green asparagus soup. It was so good, we both enjoyed it a lot.


Tempeh was one of the mains, with salad a la Rousse. I was surprised to see that this salad is rather common in Italy. It is a well known Romanian dish, a mix of vegetables with mayo. The tempeh was beautiful and worked lovely with the salad.


Second dish was tofu with veggies. I think this is one of the best dishes I had in Italy. It was so good, the tofu was perfectly seasoned.


We also had desserts, a coffee cheesecake, which was really good.

Raw dessert

We also had a raw dessert. My favourite thing about Italian desserts is the amount of sugar they are adding to these dishes. Neither was too sweet and the flavours could come through nicely.


This is the feature I mentioned before, a well, which is lightened up in the evenings, as you can see in the picture below.

Well lighted

Flora is on Stradone Maffei 8c, 37121. It is open for lunch and dinner. I suggest making a reservation because it can be busy.

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  1. This looks like a wonderful place for a special meal, without it being too much! It looks like a nice comfortable atmosphere and ambience and the food does look amazing!

    We have eaten in a restaurant which has a viewing well, lit in the evenings, but I can’t for the life of me remember where it was – definitely not Verona, as we have never been there!

    Sounds as though you enjoyed a lovely dinner date 🙂

    1. The well looks beautiful, isn’t it? I stayed on the other side of the table though, as my husband is the one who enjoyed staying beside it. The food was great too, so yummy.

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