Christmas fair at Ripley Castle

01 Christmas fair at Ripley castle

This weekend I’ve been in Ripley at their Christmas Fair. It was too crowded to take pictures at the fair, but I took some pictures outside.

I bought a few things that have nothing to do with Christmas, but, well, it’s what I’ve fancied.

I’ve got a cheese making kit for halloumi. Looks like a great idea and I should be able to make 12 batches!
I’m very happy that I can add different flavours and try something new with each batch. I’ll start with a simple one, just to be sure it’s “working”. I have to find out if un-homogenized milk is available at our local supermarket.
I also bought a few more things, like a faux fur headband, perfect for winter.

02 Christmas fair at Ripley castle

The fair was located in the castle’s garden.

03 Christmas fair at Ripley castle

The beautiful gardens, that are accessible to the public. We’ve visited the castle and the gardens a few months ago. It’s really stunning.

04 Christmas fair at Ripley castle

Aren’t they cute?

05 Christmas fair at Ripley castle

Yorkshire dales look amazing in the cold morning, at dawn.

Ripley is only a few minutes away from Harrogate and… from Bettys. I’m smitten with Bettys from the first visit when I had tarte au citron and I just loved it. They didn’t have any, as they change the menu during the year. So, I tried another dessert.

06 Bettys

I wanted to get home sooner and open the box.

07 Bettys

08 Bettys

The cake is made from layers of meringue. Between the layers is an almond buttercream and, on top there was a chewy hazelnuts in toffee. Wow! It’s so good, loved the dry texture, the buttercream is so good and the toffee was full of flavour and very cute.

09 Bettys

I must admit this is starting to become one of my favourite desserts too. Similar here.

As we didn’t stay overnight in the area, we couldn’t eat in at Bettys. In the second day I’ve got the same dessert and their 3 types of mince pies. I wanted some fondant fancies, they had beautiful decorations, but the food colouring wasn’t vegetarian. So, I had to settle only for the mince pies.
Sorry, no pictures, I ate them in the car (I know, not very lady-like).

Bettys have 3 types of mince pies: Frangipane, Ricciarelli and Classic. The classic one was very good, Bettys quality. The Fragipane had the same filling, but with an almond twist. I must admit the Ricciarelli was my favourite one, the fact that is boozy has nothing do to with that…

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    1. It was great indeed. The cake was amazing. I go to Bettys every time I’m in Harrogate, it’s a treat.

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