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First World Nightmares

My husband and I have nightmares sometimes, although they are more like bad dreams, and not actually nightmares where we end up screaming. Because they are so mundane, I had to call them First World Nightmares. As both have something in common, I though it will be fun to share them on my blog.

First World Nightmares

I will start with my nightmare: PARKING! I dreamed we went on a short holiday, we’ve parked in a spot where it was a pay&display machine. We didn’t see it, so, we parked the car and left, only to discover we had to pay a £100 parking fine when we got back to the car. You might think that my nightmare ended up there. Well… it didn’t. The second day in that short holiday, we went back to the same parking spot, we parked the car, my husband paid for an hour, put the receipt in the wallet and off we went. Obviously, we got another parking fine. At that point it was too much for me, and I woke up. Obviously, nothing says scary when you are living in one of the most civilized countries in the world as a parking fine.

What made me think of that? Is clear that we use pay&display machines and sometimes it can go wrong. Earlier this year, a machine swallowed up the coins and didn’t give us the ticket to display. Should I even say that this happened in London and the parking was very expensive, around £3 per hour. It might easily explain the horror and nightmares of the parking fines.
Sadly, my dream was all about the parking and nothing else.

Now I’m going to talk about my husband’s nightmare. His at least is a bit scarier, if you actually live it. He dreamed that he was driving cheerfully, until the brakes didn’t work. He would push the pedal as hard as he could but nothing would happen. He would wake up after that. With all the races we are watching, both F1 and Formula e, is no wonder why he will remember things like: “the brakes were off, and he became a passanger in his own car”. This is something that David Coulthard would say, when brakes fail for one of the drivers.
One of the most discussed accidents in our home was the one of Leclerc and Hartley. Leclerc’s brakes failed, just before a chicane, and he ploughed into the back of Hartley. I like Leclerc a lot and I was impressed by the way he maneuvered the car with no brakes, in a hope to avoid the other car. Unsurprisingly, my husband dreamed about this. Nobody wants to drive a car with issues like this.

Do you have any First World Nightmares like we do? I would love to hear your stories.

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  1. Oh my God I totally feel your parking nightmare, my car is like a tank. My last dream was that I was in Harry Potter (yay!) but I was taking my exams in it so that was pretty rubbish too!

  2. These are great! The parking one made me chuckle. Not having brakes is definitely scary though! The only first world nightmare I can remember right now was when I got invited last minute to Burning Man (a festival I’ve always wanted to go to) but left so quickly I forgot my phone or camera to document it! The curse of being a blogger, it’s difficult to enjoy something without needing to make content! 😉

    1. I realised I wasn’t clear, this was actually a nightmare I dreamed about in my sleep, not something that actually happened!

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