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I don’t think that it comes as a surprise, but 3 of my good things are related to food. These days I was annoyed with a few things. I am working on getting past them, but I’m annoyed I was annoyed by them. On top of that, I saw some nasty comments on twitter because people do things differently. I wanted to say something, but I’ve restrained myself. I imagine that person didn’t even realize she was mean to others. It was not my place to argue with her, each to their own. Once again, making this good things list made me feel better.

1. Dress from Nine West. I found in TKMaxx a gorgeous dress by Nine West. Not only it’s beautiful, but it was a bargain too. I might have to make a OOTD post to show it off.

2. Olympics. My husband and I (and sometimes the dog too) are watching the Olympic games. I like shooting and Edward Ling took bronze in Men’s Trap. Team GB took a few medals at swimming and diving, but I didn’t watch those. So far team GB won 12 medals. I watched fencing and it was fab, I also watched gymnastics. I saw canoe slalom and it was a really fun sport to watch, but it so demanding to try for myself.
I can’t say I was too keen on Judo, it seemed boring, although the final I saw last evening was fab. I can’t wait for the Taekwondo, that should be interesting. I’ve been to a Taekwondo competition many years ago and it was fascinating. Both my husband and I did martial arts at Uni, so we are both eager to see this sport.
I have to admit I liked road cycling too, although I didn’t watch the whole race, it was too long (6h for Men and 4h for Women).

Good things - Bake Off
3. Bake Off. In a couple of weeks, Bake Off 2016 will start and I’m going to bake along them this year too, here is what I baked last year for GBBO bake along. I will join a linky and, like last year, I will be away with work (and a couple of days off between work commitments).

4. Trying new ingredients. I went to the Chinese supermarket and I bought a lot of ingredients, all these from the picture. Half of them are new for me. I also took a couple of packs of Konjac pasta that I want to try. I like to experiment and new ingredients fuel my imagination.

5. Pinterest. I started using Pinterest more and I love it. I think I should pin more instead of scrolling through lots and lots of pictures, but I get distracted by them and I forget to pin. I mainly look at food, but I will also search for crafts and clothes alteration.

6. Work. The easiest way to have a chat about the things we need to sort out is by going to a local coffee shop and enjoy a drink (cake might also be involved too) while talking and setting up lists with deadlines. It’s proper work and it’s necessary. Both of us are working from home and most of the time something happens, like an email or a phone call that distract us. I like having coffee in a coffee shop instead of having a meeting in my office, as it happened at my last job. Everything is more relaxed and it’s nicer.

7. Festus’s quirkiness. One of the quirky things he does almost every time we walk near a front garden is to check if the cat is outside. Festus had a squabble with the cat a couple of months ago and he knows that the cat might be in the 2nd garden, so he checks to see if the cat is still there so he can chase him (the cat is a male). Obviously, I will look in the garden too, to make sure the cat is not there and if there is to pay extra attention when we pass.

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  1. My Mum switched on the TV at 7am every morning on our cruise so I enjoyed catching up on the Olympics- now I am back home, I am missing it!

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