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No. Twelve

My husband and I went to No. Twelve in Nottingham for a 7 course tasting menu. We decided to add the cheese course too, so there were 8 in total. I paired them with wine, but my husband was driving, so he got mocktails instead. I loved the tasting menu, it was so wonderfully presented and so very delicious. No. Twelve is a fully vegan place, which made it even more special. It is an award winning restaurant, winning 4 awards in the last couple of years.

No. Twelve outside

The decor of the restaurant is lovely, but too busy to photograph without catching other people in the photos. So, for privacy reasons, I decided to photograph only the food. The restaurant is in a Victorian mill, just to have an idea of how beautiful it is inside. Here is their website for more details.


We started with a snack made with cauliflower, quince jam, and a delicious bread.


The first dish was with tomatoes, including dried tomatoes that were delicious. I loved this dish.

pastry pea verbena dashi

Pastry with peas, verbena, and dashi followed. The sauce was very good and I enjoyed the strong flavours of the dish.

potato truffle

The potato and truffle dish with prosciutto, with mushrooms and fried sage was delightful. It was a rich dish, full of flavour. I liked the base too.

rye stilton quince

Unlike all the other dishes, this one was paired with a red wine, and it worked wonderfully. This is the extra course, with cheese. I liked the cheese mousse so much. It felt like real cheese, but it is a London-based vegan artisan cheese maker who makes realistic cheeses. I would gladly have this course again and again. It was fantastic.

chocolate miso cream

Chocolate with miso, cream, coffee, and caramel was the first dessert. The banana was a nice addition and worked nicely with the bitterness of the chocolate and the miso flavour.

strawberry basil ice cream

Strawberry and basil work nicely both in savoury and sweet dishes. This was the second dessert and it was fantastic. I think it was my favourite dish, although I loved the cheese and the potato ones very much too.

petit fours

The meal finished with petit fours. Those were so different, but equally lovely.

Overall the meal was perfect. The service was great, the presentation of the dishes when they arrived was lovely. The wines were perfect. I loved our evening there.

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  1. Oooh, this looks lovely!
    I love Vegan cheese from Kind.Co- I regularly buy the Garlic Herb one – so yummy- so I’d be intrigue to try other vegan cheeses! The presentatation looks impeccable too!

  2. Even as a confirmed ‘everything’ eater, I would willingly give this experience a try any day.

    The restaurant setting looks amazing, the food is beautifully presented, and it truly looks really appetising.

    The only downside is that we would probably have to stay overnight, as Nottingham is just too far for a day trip for us. But hey! I feel a weekend away coming on.

    I also like that the restaurant offers not only original gift vouchers, but this tasting experience voucher too and it’s a fantastic price 🙂

    1. We are in Nottingham now, on a short holiday. We are staying in a Victorian mill and it’s fantastic. I will post soon about our “pub crawl”, as we went to 4 amazing places. There are so many things to see and do in Nottingham that is worth coming here for a holiday. 🙂

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