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I’ve been kayaking in the Irish Sea for a few times this year, as I mentioned in the post 30 Days Wild. I thought it would be nice to write a quick update and share the amazing pictures I have from those trips.

Kayaking. The inflatable kayak

How amazing is this picture? My husband took it and he was holding the camera at sea level, without being able to look through the viewfinder. This is the second snap, the first one looks amazing too.

Kayaking. The view towards the shore

A good place for kayaking in the sea is at Formby. It is administrated by the National Trust. The parking is free for members, but non-members have to pay the fee. If you are planning to go with the kayak often, I would recommend signing up as a member, because the parking is quite expensive, £6.50 for the day. The beach is also great, if you’d like to spend time on the sand. Also, there is a lovely woodland walk and red squirrels are said to be there. I haven’t seen one.


Me, day dreaming more or less.

Kayaking. The shore in the distance

Kayaking. The paddle in the water.

The camera takes gorgeous pictures at close objects. I wasn’t happy with it because I was trying to take a picture of the shore. But, is not for that, and is quite good for what it’s meant to do. Also, is waterproof, and that is the only way we were able to use it in the kayak.


Us, seen from the water. It was fun taking that picture.

Kayaking. Finding a beach ball

And then… we saw something that looked like either a beach ball or buoy. We got closer, and we saw it was a stranded beach ball. We’ve tried to scoop it up and we managed to do it, without even being close to capsize the kayak. That is a good thing, considering that we were quite far from the shore. It’s good we have the life-jackets, but is not like we would like to test them.

Beach ball

Beach ball with a lobster

How cute is the beach ball? It has a lobster in it! It was a very fortunate coincidence, because lobsters mate for life and, that day, we were celebrating our wedding anniversary. Very cool.

Kayaking. The waves

Kayaking on a calm day is relaxing. While, when there are waves, is more challenging, and lovely in a different way.


Kayaking. Paddle shinning on top of the sea

Kayaking, the view from the kayak

Usually my husband stays in front and he is the one paddling the most, but once we’ve changed sides and it was me in front. The view proved to be lovely for me, but harder for him to paddle, so I had to paddle a bit more. I think I’m going to keep my position in the back and relax more.

Formby Beach is at Victoria Road, near Formby, Liverpool, L37 1LJ. More details are available on the National Trust’s website. I haven’t used the Lifeboat Road car park, so I can’t give any feedback about that one.

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  1. That Intex Explorer sure is a great kayak! It sounds like you had a great workout!

  2. Hey I have one K2 from Intex Explorer as well. So far it has done a great job for being so easy to transport, inflate/deflate. It is so great that you enjoy kayak as well. My son loves it too.

  3. First of all amazinggggggg captures. Lobsters beach ball is really cute and Formby Beach looks like a calm place. Will definitely visit someday.

  4. I adore kiyaking so I enjoyed living vicariously through you here. The weather looks glorious!!! We went recently on Lake Ullswater. I definitely like Lake kiyaking the best, I found sea kiyaking a bit scarier!

  5. What a lovely hobby to have. And happy anniversary to you both! I think you were meant to find that beach ball – especially with the reference of lobsters mating for life and it being your anniversary.

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