Blackpool and fireworks

For our 13th anniversary we’ve decided to go to Blackpool as there was a fireworks display for the Fireworks Championship and also there are the Illuminations.

The amount of lights and decorations are impressive. The first lights in Blackpool were 8 arc lamps on the Promenade in 1879 and they were described as artificial sunshine. I can imagine it was as exciting as they are now, in modern times. The display attracted over 3,5 million visitors last year. There are 74 miles of cable and the staff will work a total of 65,000 hours to assemble, maintain and dismantle.

01 Blackpool and fireworks

02 Blackpool and fireworks
We went to see the arcades. It was fun, so many different games, I liked it. I tried to play, but I’m not that keen on loosing money at those games.

03 Blackpool and fireworks
We left the arcades and continued walking on the promenade and in the city centre. It is a very colourful and interesting city.

04 Blackpool and fireworks
The Illuminations were turned on at 7pm. I don’t have a lot of pictures, as we didn’t want to get the DSLR with us and relied on the small camera and the phone.

We went back to the Blackpool Tower to wait for the fireworks. The Championship was held in Canada, China and France through September. On the 2nd October, the winner was announced and after that it was the fireworks display. As we were relatively far from the stage, I didn’t hear who the winner was, I had a look online and Canada is the winner.

05 Blackpool and fireworks
It was a lovely show that lasted for 10 minutes. The music was lovely and they made smiley faces and a heart out of fireworks!

06 Blackpool and fireworks

07 Blackpool and fireworks
It can’t be more appropriate than this for an anniversary celebration.

08 Blackpool and fireworks

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  1. Ah happy anniversary! We are off to Blackpool soon to see the illuminations, lots of cheesy fun 🙂 Fireworks look great!

  2. I haven’t been to Blackpool for years! But those fireworks look great! Sure it was a spectacular sight!

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