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It’s been a while since I’ve made an What’s Cooking round-up. I talked in July about my weekly shopping, but I didn’t share any recipes. So, today I’m going to talk about the last things I’ve cooked. This week I’ve been invited to the Chef Challenge at Shoryu Ramen in Manchester and I made my own Japanese bun. It was so exciting that I plan to get a steamer and make my own buns.

Besides the recipes with pictures, I baked bread a few times, I’ve made pizza using the same dough as the one for the Thick Danish Pancakes and it was delicious. I made basic houmous too, lots of smoothies. A few days ago I’ve made a cottage pie with a huge marrow (it weighted 1.6 kg), I’ve used a can of baked beans and lots of spices, on top I put mash potatoes. It was almost vegan, but I’ve added leftover cream to the potatoes (so I don’t waste the unused cream). Next time I’m making it vegan.


From top left: Vegan Ramen, Carrot houmous, Orange and Strawberries Cake, Upsidedown Pear Cake with Port, Deviled Eggs, and Danish Thick Pancakes.

I love Ramen, but I’m not making it as often as I want. This week I had it twice though. I tried carrot houmous after seeing the idea in a TV show with Michel Roux Jr. called Hidden Restaurants. The cake was made for a special occassion and this time I’ve used  a whole orange, boiled. The cake turned out delicious. So did the Pear cake. The last two recipes are for stuffed eggs, something both my husband and I enjoy a lot and it reminds us of our childhood, and danish pancakes. I think everybody should try those pancakes, they are so different to make, the recipe is quite unique.


Vegan pasta with fried silken tofu and sundried tomatoes. It was delicious, so this means that I will make it again. I had some leftover tofu from the ramen. I will share the recipe on my food blog next time I’m making it.

What have you cooked recently?

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  1. Reading this post before breakfast has made me hungry! I haven’t taken much time to cook for a couple of years, but I still imagine that I will try appealing recipes such as these. They are especially tempting because you have tried them yourself and they come with a recommendation! Thank you!

  2. Everything looks so good! I really want to try making the thick danish pancakes, especially if they can be used as a good pizza base too!

    Sarah 🙂

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