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Bistro 1847, Manchester

Hubby and I went to Manchester for an event and after we looked at the beautiful pieces of jewellery, we decided to go to Bistro 1847, a vegetarian restaurant.

Bistro 1847 has a wonderful story. The chef is vegetarian and opened the restaurant in Manchester in 2011. It was a success and he opened a new one in Birmingham in 2013. Now he is considering opening another one in Liverpool, that’s so exciting.

The service is very good, we didn’t have to wait long and the staff is very friendly. Sorry about the pictures, we didn’t take the camera with us.

01 Bistro 1847 Manchester
For starter I had chilled cucumber soup with avocado mousse. I loved the chilled soup, it had a lovely texture.

02 Bistro 1847 Manchester
Hubby had the falafel and they were delicious, crispy and full of flavour.

03 Bistro 1847 Manchester

04 Bistro 1847 Manchester

05 Bistro 1847 Manchester

06 Bistro 1847 Manchester
Hubby had the battered halloumi with chips and he was very happy with them. I tried them too and it’s something I would order next time.

07 Bistro 1847 Manchester

08 Bistro 1847 Manchester
For main I had braised fennel and mushrooms, lovely sauce and a really amazing dish.

I will visit them again and I plan to go to the Birmingham restaurant in September when I’ll be there for a week. The restaurant is not expensive at £19 for two course meal and I’m considering becoming a member as I believe we’ll visit them again and again.

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  1. Oh wow, I’m dying to go to a veggie restaurant!

    This looks delicious!

    Corinne x

    1. As a vegetarian is a treat to be able to order anything from the menu and, unlike when I was omnivore, I would like to order every single dish :))

  2. Oh my goodness this looks lovely! Falafel and halloumi are two of my absolute favourites so I will have to make sure I visit the next time I’m in Manchester or Birmingham!

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