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2nd Home anniversary

I talked a lot last year in 1st Home anniversary about the things we’ve done. An year on and only a few things have changed.

These are my keys. The KLM plane is from the honeymoon, we’ve been to The Netherlands.

The garden looks pretty much the same. We wanted to add some planters and to change the garden furniture, but we didn’t. It takes time to make those and we were busy with something else. The flowers are blooming in the garden, the climbers are getting bigger and bigger, I was able to harvest strawberries and raspberries. I also have 4 types of mint and edible flowers, that I didn’t have last year.

I mentioned in the old post that we’ve up-cycled 2 of our wardrobes we had into a built-in wardrobe. Now we’ve also installed sliding doors, after thinking about it for a while. We also have new matching bedside tables with a space for the books we are reading, drawers and a shelf. It’s really nice, all white and glossy. Makes the room look bigger despite having lots of furniture.

The living room is changed too, comparing to last year. We have a bookcase with a cute design, installed a couple of months after the 1st anniversary. In March we finally received the new sofa we’ve ordered at the end of last year. The kitchen looks the same, it was finished and it’s too small to add anything else. The “Life is short, eat dessert first” quote is still on the wall. I have more spice jars, as I went up from 30 to 45, so now there are 3 shelves.

Last year I finished my post saying: I couldn’t be more happier. Well, it’s true now. I like where we live for many reasons and our home is great for our lifestyle.

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  1. sounds like the garden is coming together nicely, even if you don’t have everything yet, it’s all progress.

    Now that is a lot of spice jars haha! I think I have 10… possibly two of them are the same as well.

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