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Festus on Holiday

As earlier this month we’ve been on holiday in Scotland, Festus got his fair share of exploring. I wanted to share some pictures with him and ended up with 29! After careful consideration, the total number of pictures came down on a more appropriate 28. The pictures are in the order they were taken, mostly by me. I’m going to share a few more pictures from some of the places we’ve been to, when I talk about them, but this post is all about Festus and his adventures.

Dog licking his nose on a field

I just love this picture of him. It was taken near a golf course where we would take him for his walks. It was a lovely place to walk, with plenty of space. We went into the village as well, but the golf course was better.

Dog in the highlands

This picture was taken on the road, on one of our many stops.

Dog running around with his owner

These stops usually involve a bit of play, to stretch his legs.


This is another one of the places he had his walks in, a gorgeous forest.


He did play with some branches as well. Sorry, no pictures.


We went to Glencoe and I will share a post about this nature reserve. It was gorgeous.

dog drinking water from a stream

Festus is very much a city-dog. He was always puzzled by how one can drink from a stream. Usually he goes along the water, drinking a bit. I don’t think he ever drank enough from a stream. We give him a bit more water when we get back to the car and he can drink properly from a bowl.

dog and owner at Glencoe

The views are amazing at Glencoe and we’ve had a wonderful weather.

dog on a pile of logs

Festus was a bit confused on the pile of logs, a case of too many legs and too many logs to get your feet “stuck” to.

dog near loch

The landscape around the Scottish lochs is amazing, the midges not so much though.

dog near loch, close up

dog and owner walking near a stream

Exploring new surroundings is one of Festus’ favourite pass times. He loves sniffing out new places.

dog looking at something


dog looking at river

Watching the river from a bridge is another one of Festus favourite things to do. He loves water, not as in taking a bath or shower, but as jumping in the water, regardless if it is a river, lake, or sea.

child & dad sign

How cute is this?! Festus and his human-father near a child & dad sign. I love it!

dog looking at cows

Festus was fascinated by cows since he was a pup. We think is in his Rottweiler genes, as they were bred for herding and guarding cows. He didn’t get the chance of seeing these cows closer, as he did with the cows at Stonehenge a few years ago.

relaxing on a bench

This is another place close to my heart we’ve been to. I’m going to blog about it separately.

dog and owner on a bridge

dog and owner on a bridge

dog watching caravans

It looks like Festus is one of those very nosy neighbours, who keeps watching everybody. But, in fact, he was waiting for my husband to come. If we are both out, he is very relaxed, but if only one of us is away, he is watching closely to make sure the person that left is ok.

dog playing with branch

Finally a picture of him playing with branches. He was never the “bring me a stick” kind of dog, but more like “bring me a small tree”. This is one of the smaller branches he played with while on holiday.

dog at loch

More exploring, more sniffing, and new places, the recipe for a great holiday, according to Festus.

dog watching a loch

dog and owner walking

dog walking

dog and owner in the forest

And this is me and Festus, in the woods (this is another forest, not the one that appears earlier), on an obviously rainy day.


These were the highlights of Festus’ holiday in Scotland.

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  1. Festus is so cute! Like you and your husband, he must have discovered a lot during your trip to Scotland. It’s great that he got to experience different landscapes and environments. 🙂

    Julia x

  2. Festus looks like a wonderful traveling companion! Must have been fun for him. I loved the parent/child photo and interesting about drinking from the stream! Definitely an adventure! I’m glad you could take him along.

  3. It certainly looks like Festus has been having a great time! 🙂

  4. Festsus appears to be a wonderful traveling companion and I love seeing so many photos of him. He is such a handsome boy! You really captured some beautiful shots.

    Despite having plenty of buckets filled with fresh water from which to choose, our outside pack always prefers to drink “wild water”, even if it’s just a mud puddle after a rain.

  5. Festus is a lucky dog! It must have been an amazing experience for him being a city dog. That is wonderful you were able to take him along on holiday;

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