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Pure Brilliance

Pure Brilliance is an exhibition at Lady Lever Art Gallery in Wirral. It’s a pay what you think, so don’t miss out. It’s on until the 5th of March. This exhibition is about the Boodles Story. Boodles is a 200-year old jewellery brand from Liverpool and some of their jewellery is on display, alongside loads of details on the company. I picked up a few highlights.

peacock necklace

Pure Brilliance - necklace




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  1. I really like the idea of ‘pay what you think’ exhibitions, a bit like having a ‘donations’ box in a church or cathedral. However there will always be those who sidle away without contributing anything at all, which ultimately makes it untenable for everyone.

    I particularly like the jewellery pieces, with the first one being my potential favourite, although these days I seldom wear much jewellery. Even my earrings are a pair of South African opals set in gold filigree, which I have worn every day since I received them as an eighteenth birthday gift from my godmother. They have served me well, even though I have lost the backs off of them om numerous occasions and had to source replacements to fit the relatively thick posts.

    Yu find some great places and exhibitions to visit 🙂

    1. Yes, it was exactly like a donation box. I don’t think it matters if some are not contributing. The museum is free, funded from our council tax, so I would rather have free exhibitions with donations or supporting the museum in a different way, such as buying from the gift shop or having drinks/food at the cafe.
      The first one was my favourite, even though it wasn’t the highlight in their view, the necklace in the second picture was.

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