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Life is slowly getting back to normal. On Saturday, pubs, cafes, and restaurants could open again in England. While it was so much talk about pubs, especially on social media, it was mostly ignored that small businesses can open their doors to customers for the first time in months. We’ve decided to go to the Cat Café. They changed how they operate to make it as safe as possible. I think it is safer to go to a local cafe instead of going to the supermarket, considering the rules in place.

Initially I thought that I will not go anywhere, as it will be too busy and difficult to maintain social distancing. But it wasn’t and I want to help small local businesses as much as I can. The staff at Cat Cafe worked throughout the lockdown, taking care of the cats, so any revenue they get now will inject much needed cash.

Cat Cafe

The cats were so happy to see the customers. It was strange, because we’ve been to the cat cafe so many times so far and until now none of them actually jumped on mine or my husband’s lap. But yesterday they were so friendly. We played with them, petted them, and much more. It was such a special visit. I can’t recommend enough, if you are close to a cat cafe or zoo or a safari park which opened, do go there. Not only you will have a wonderful time, but the animals will love the company as well. It is heart-warming to see that they are keen on seeing us too.

Hot chocolate at Cat Cafe

We’ve had some delicious vegan hot chocolates.

Playing with cats

I played with the two brothers, Paddington and Rupert. With all the toys they have at the cat cafe (must be hundreds), they discovered a highly entertaining plastic cap from a water bottle. I was moving it around much to their delight.

Playing wiht cats at Cat Cafe

Paddington, which is the more playing brother, played with it a few times. He got so excited with it that ran with it upstairs.

Now… we wouldn’t have imagined this. A cat jumped on the table and then decided to cuddle on my husband’s coat, which he placed it strategically. How wonderful is that? I wasn’t jealous at all.

 Cat at Cat Cafe

Cat on the lap

Then this happened… a second cat jumped on! Amazing!

Cat on the table

He had a look on the table, to see if there is something suitable for him. (they are not allowed human food, obviously)

Cat looking for toys

Cats playing

We did not have so many cats around us when we visited the cafe before. I loved it!!

Cat on the lap

And again… my husband has another cat on his lap. And again… I was not jealous at all… (yeah, right)

Cat playing

We went upstairs to see the cats. The other visitors already went up, so we went too to have a look at the cats who did not decide to come down. Under new guidelines, we were asked not to walk around too much and so we went up only once, had a look and then went down. We both stayed pretty much around our table and so did the other visitors. At all times we stayed about 2m apart, if not more.

Cat at Cat Cafe Liverpool

Rupert was taking a break from the excitement with the toy.

Cat Cafe

This blurry picture is proof that I had a cat on my lap. It lasted for about a second, but that’s nit picking.

We’ve had such a wonderful time. The staff were so attentive and everybody was very considerate towards the cats, staff, and the other customers. I will visit them again soon.

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  1. Supporting small local business is so important right now. I think it’s lovely you went to a cat’s cafe. So nice that the cats were so happy to see people again I’m sure they missed human interaction soon. It has actually been proven that cats love their owners (based on love hormones in their blood). Cats do not get separation anxiety like dogs, they won’t freak out when their owner goes to work (like dogs do every single day) but they get attached to people in their own way and miss them.

  2. Oh that is lovely!!!! Look at those gorgeous cats! What beauties! So glad that the cats honoured you with the attention like that! That’s your reward for visiting!!

  3. It’s so great that you’re supporting smaller businesses! They have taken such a big hit with the lockdown that if we can help while staying safe, it’s a great thing to do. Especially when it involves cats! They’re so cute, I love these pictures 🙂

    Julia xx

  4. Sounds like both you and the cats enjoyed this visit. Cats are so wonderfully therapeutic. My son’s school has a cat Theo, who lives there and often sleeps in the classroom. Children love to pet him, and he’s very tolerant of all the attention.
    We don’t have a cat café in town, or anywhere nearby, I think. Glad you managed to book a visit, and that everything was arranged safely.

  5. I must find a cat cafe. I’d be delighted to support one. Your photos are terrific and I’m thrilled that the cats were so friendly and outgoing this time. They aren’t always (and I mean any cat, not necessarily those). Lizzie is likely to disappear for guests although when she gets one she likes, she’s right there. I wish you could take one home with you but I suspect Festus wouldn’t be too pleased!

  6. Love this post and I’m a little bit jealous. We don’t have anything like that around here. At least I got to visit one of my “grand-kitties” this weekend. I hadn’t seen him in months and did have to scoop him up for some loving. He tolerated it for a minute or two.

    It’s interesting that the cats were so friendly… I guess they really did miss the human interaction during the lockdown. Speaking of, they had photos on our news last night of huge crowds (without masks) in some of the reopened pubs in the UK.

    1. It was surprising that they missed the visitors. The staff stayed with them and shared lots of videos on social media with the cats. All the time there is someone there, including during the night.

      Aww, I’m sure there were a few pubs who were breaking the rules to show at the news. It depends on the location and the crowd, not pubs are the same. You might like this article, from April, which I thought was hilarious:

  7. I’ve heard so much about cat cafes but we don’t have any near us, unfortunately. It looks and sounds like you had a wonderful time though, and it’s great that they can have visitors again to raise some much needed funds for their cats. Thank you for sharing your visit! Lisa

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