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Loosing weight – my journey

I hope you’ll like my journey so far.

3 years ago I went to see a cardiologist because I was tired all the time, my pulse would go up if I climbed 10 stairs and there is a history of heart problems in my family. The doctor said my heart is fine and she said nothing about my weight. I was clueless because I always loved the way I looked. But I wasn’t felling good, I didn’t have enough energy due to my unbalanced diet with only one meal a day, in the evening.

I started a stupid diet with a friend, I dissociated the food by day and group. This was my first diet and I managed to loose 6 kg in one month. After I finished it I was back to my old habits and I put 11 kg in a few months.

2 years ago, on 12th august 2010 I saw I had 81 kg! I was so shocked I started the diet from that day. It’s strange, but I wasn’t aware I was fat until I saw the scale. After I saw the scale I got online and I started reading as much as I could about diets.I realized the diet I had before was bad and that day I read about diets’ yo-yo effect and counting calories.

Now I can say it was a smooth process because my target was being healthy, so I had a diversified diet and I lost weight at a slower pace. I’ve lost 21 kg in 6-7 months by counting calories and macronutrients (carbs, proteins and fats).

I had a kitchen scale and I use it to weight everything. But after a few months I broke it by accident and I continued counting, but estimating the weight of the food. At first it was difficult, but I got used to it and after a while it took just 2-3 minutes/day to count them.

When I reached 65 kg, so 5 months in my journey I started exercising regularly. I did some workouts from P90X. Hubby was a huge fan of the program, so I give it a try. I became addicted because it’s so great, I love to push my limits and gain more strength.

I had a relapse when I had to move twice in 4 months. I wasn’t able to train where I stayed and my diet was different due to my move to UK. I gained 5 kg in this 4 months, but this year I lost all the fat with the 2 rounds of P90X (as you can see, I lost almost all the fat in the 1st round).

Now I feel great. I eat everything I want, but I cook because I want to have healthier options and, anyway, ready meals and take away are boring and fatty. I don’t like to eat the same thing everyday.

I use wholemeal wheat, unrefined sugar, full fat cheese or milk and I make at home pizza, pasta, sweets (muffins, cakes), vegetables in so many different ways. I eat cheese, fruits, salads (as a side), nuts and healthy oils (olive oil, for example).

I don’t feel like I’m on a diet…because I’m not. I choose what I eat considering if that product is good for me or not. I rather bake a tray of muffins (it takes 20 minutes, baking time included and I can make so many different types) instead of buying something with additives and white flour from the hypermarket.

Now I do insanity, I’m very happy with the results so far. I finished one month and I see my strength is higher. I love it! In the morning I feel I can “move mountains” and sometimes we go for a walk with Festus in the middle of the night if it’s a pleasant weather… I never feel without energy, not even after an intense workout.

And this is how I look: