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Dyson Light Ball Multi Floor

Last year in august we bought a Dyson Light Ball Multi Floor. This exact model is not available on the market at the moment, but there are similar products if you need a new vacuum, like the Dyson Small Ball. The Small Ball looks the same and it is at the same price as the one I have. You can buy one directly from their website. I thought that I will want to share my thoughts about it, so I took pictures when I got it. I nearly forgot about this, until I vacuumed the living room a few days ago and realized I haven’t talked about it after all these months.

Dyson Light Ball Multi Floor in package

Dyson Light Ball Multi Floor is not the first Dyson vacuum cleaner we bought. We got our first one about 7 years ago and it was so good that we’ve decided to get another one from them. The first one broke mainly because we’ve used it too much when we were renovating for things like dust resulted after sanding the walls. That’s not a home-use for it. We should have bought a dedicated vacuum cleaner for that, but we’ve decided to use our Dyson and change it when it broke instead of buying a vacuum cleaner only for that, which would have been useless for everyday home cleaning needs. My husband and I were so impressed by how well the vacuum cleaner fared in that high intensity setting, that we said we are going to buy a Dyson again.

Dyson Light Ball Multi Floor, set up

The Light Ball, and now the Small Ball, are around £200. There is one, which is £100 more expensive and that it’s made for pet owners in mind. For us, with a dog, the Light Ball is really great and it does the job. Maybe someone with a few dogs and/or cats, the Ball Animal 2 for people would be a better choice. The suction power of the normal one compared with the Animal mode is the same. The difference is made by the number of accessories.

Dyson Light Ball Multi Floor. Close up

The vacuum cleaner is really great. It cleans fast and it is not noisy. It works great on all surfaces, as we have laminate, hard wood flooring, tiles, and carpet. It is very easy to use too and not as heavy as the previous model we’ve had. The cord is long and that makes it easier to vacuum, without having to change the socket lots of times.

Dyson Light Ball Multi Floor

It has a few tools for getting into small spaces, which is pretty standard from all vacuum cleaners. The main attraction of this cleaner is how good it is, especially on carpets, where is sucks out the dust in no time. It’s not exactly the cheapest on the market, but, with care, it should be suitable for use for many years, so it is an investment worth making.

Dyson Light Ball Multi Floor. What's in the box

As Dyson Light Ball Multi Floor is no longer on the market, I’m going to share the details for Small Ball, which, as I said are very similar:
– cord length is over 9m
– it has a washable lifetime filter
– its weight is 6.9 kg
– size (approximately): Height – 1m; Length – 38cm; Width – 28cm

Have you ever used a Dyson? What do you think about them?

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  1. I have this exact Dyson and have for a good few years and it’s still going strong. They are expensive but I would say they are worth the money.

  2. This is an interesting and positive review. I’ve considered getting a Dyson in the past, but always wondered if I might be paying too much for the name alone, since I’ve often seen negative reviews. This will make me consider one more closely the next time I’m in the market for a vacuum.

    1. After I went to two places I stopped looking at reviews. First one was to a restaurant which was lovely and I was shocked to see it had a very low rating, mostly from people with only 1-2 reviews. Another one was for a museum with amazing reviews, but poorly made and very expensive. I know people are getting paid to leave reviews on amazon, tripadvisors, and so on, so I don’t pay any attention to them.

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