Perfume from Lush

Recently my husband got a perfume from Lush. He also surprised me with the fragrance I liked in shop – The Smell of Freedom. It has a wonderful name. It also describes perfectly what I think about their approach to products and labelling. Unlike the others manufacturers who are designing perfumes for men and women, Lush develops their products for anyone who likes it. While some are found more attractive by women and others by men, they let each customer decide on the smell and not on a randomly imposed label.

Perfume from Lush

What’s interesting is that the staff who showed us the perfumes said that the ones in this range have a deeper and stronger smell, so they are usually bought by men. I loved it and my husband said that this is the kind of perfume that works for me and my personality. That’s liberating, even for me, as I’m not too bothered by these conventions.

The perfume is long lasting and my husband finds that his is a similar good quality and long lasting.

The Smell of Freedom‘s ingredients include oils of sandalwood, oudh, and orris, complemented by oils of fire tree, lemongrass among others. Sandalwood and oudh are types of wood, which gives the deep notes to the perfume. Orris root is the root of Iris, which gives the slight feminine touch to the fragrance.

It’s vegan and it is available in 100ml. It’s not a cheap perfume, but the quality is reflected and matches the price. I use less of this than the other perfume I had previously, which is another vegan and cruelty-free brand, so I am not going to name it. Considering that the other one is cheaper, it would not be a like-for-like comparison anyway.

If you are looking for a perfume, make sure you consider Lush too. The staff, as anyone who ever visited the shop knows, is very friendly and knowledgeable, eager to suggest options and also listening to what we said. They have two different ranges of perfumes and one of them comes in two sizes. The one I have doesn’t, but it is from the smaller range.

Have you ever bought a perfume from Lush? Would you consider it?

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    1. I loved the name too, especially as it offers freedom too, to pick the fragrance one likes without useless labels.

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