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3 books I loved

The best part of doing that reading challenge last year is that it made me want to read more. In early February I finished 3 books that I’ve enjoyed. After taking pictures for this post, I finished another one, but I will talk about that one in my next post about books.

 3 books I loved

I enjoyed all of them, maybe because they are so different. I read two of them at a time and I saw that it gives me the possibility to read more, as sometimes I would prefer something light.

02 3 books I loved

The first book I read this year was “Alexander McQueen – blood beneath the skin” by Andrew Wilson. I spotted this book in the library last year, but postponed reading it as I didn’t have time back then.
The book was written with the support of the McQueen family and help from friends too. It shows a fascinating insight into Alexander’s life and work, his style and his struggles.

The book was so well written and his story is very interesting. I didn’t want to put it down, this is how much I enjoyed it.
The book begins with his memorial service, after his suicide. After that intro, the book shows Alexander’s life from the beginning, with the stories of his family tree, his childhood in East London, his relationship with his siblings and at school. It depicts details from his career and it offers a view of the fashion world. The book is honest and real, nothing is sugar coated and I loved it for that.

I would recommend it without a doubt, a must read if you love fashion. If you would like to read the book, you can order it from amazon or pick it from the local library as I did.

03 3 books I loved

The second book is from my library. I bought it from a charity shop because its name was: “Bread and chocolate”. The author of the book is Philippa Gregory. She wrote another book I blogged about, The Favoured Child. Philippa Gregory is better known for her historical novels.
I got the book because I loved its name: Bread and chocolate. The book is a compilation of 17 short stories and it’s a light read. Short stories isn’t exactly my favourite genre, but it’s the second book with short stories that I read and enjoy.
I liked all the stories. If I would have to pick 5 of my favourites, they would be: Bread and Chocolate, Theories About Men, The If Game, The Wave Machine and Catching the Bus. The last one is quite emotional and beautiful.

I would recommend the book, it’s lovely and light, great when travelling. This book is available on amazon.

04 3 books I loved

The last book I’m going to talk about now is called “Survivors. True Stories of Children in the Holocaust.” by Allan Zullo and Mara Bovsun. For me this is a 5 star book, the stories are amazing. The truth is told as it is and this is what makes the book so engaging. The stories are heart breaking and intriguing at the same time, it shows how horrible it was during the WWII, but it also shows people that were willing to risk their lives to save others.
The book is aimed at children, but I think it can be very interesting for adults too.

I highly recommend this book, it’s beautifully written. It can be found on amazon.

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  1. I’d be most interested in Survivors. True Stories of Children in the Holocaust. The books I’ve read on this topic previously have been captivating.

  2. Thanks or sharing I’d like all of these books and will look at adding them to my reading list 🙂

  3. Wow , they really are super different! I think the last one sounds interesting. I’m so pleased with my reading this year and happy to be back into it 🙂


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