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Meal plan

I wanted to share something else today, but as tomorrow starts National Vegetarian Week here in the UK, I will share my Meal plan for next week instead. At the end of the week, I will update (maybe re-publish) this post with comments and pictures of the food I made. Before now I shared a few weekly food posts, like the food plan when we were caravanning in 2017 and when we had 10 servings of fruit and vegetables each day, in the same year. It was interesting to see these again, as now I’m eating less eggs and very rarely dairy milk. In 2018 I shared a post on a week when we had only vegan food.

I was thinking of making the post with details on what I’m going to have, but, during the week, I might want to change something, so I will write something like risotto in the list, but, of course, this does not meant that the risotto will be bland. I just don’t know right now if I’m going to add a veggie or another in it. Besides the food that I’m going to prepare daily, I have some desserts that I will mention separately, because one dessert will last for a few days.

Meal plan

At this moment I’m very busy. Besides work and University, we are also making some rather significant home refurbishments. So everything I have on this list is very easy and fast to make, taking a very small amount of time and effort. In an ideal situation I would have more time to prepare food, but well, it’s not. This is also why eggs appear twice, when is not necessarily similar to a standard week these days. On top of what I mention in this list, we are also going to have fruit juice daily or a smoothie. I will take pictures of everything this week, so you’ll see them when I update the post after a week. I will bake bread too, at some point, if I have the time to do so.

Meal plan

Breakfast – Porridge
Lunch – Baked beans on/with toast
Dinner – Soup
Breakfast – Mashed chickpeas
Lunch – Risotto
Dinner – Omelette
Breakfast – Mashed chickpeas
Lunch – Roasted veggies with fake meat
Dinner – Soup and sandwich or toast
Breakfast – Mashed chickpeas
Lunch – Pasta
Dinner – Egg salad
Breakfast – Pancakes
Lunch – Chilli non carne
Dinner – Soup
Breakfast – Beans on/with toast
Lunch – Pizza
Dinner – Soup
Breakfast – Mashed chickpeas
Lunch – Potato bake (Janssons frestelse)
Dinner – Salad

Meal plan – Desserts

Monday – Banana bread (2 days)
Wednesday – Fruit Crumble (3 days, with some vegan ice-cream too)
Saturday – Stuffed dates and biscuits (shop-bought)

We eat daily beans or chickpeas and other pulses, this is why you see four times mashed chickpeas. I don’t call this houmous because we’ve run out of tahini and the supermarkets where I buy from don’t stock this. As for the international shop I usually go to, last time they did not respect any distancing rules, so I’m avoiding it. Eating vegetarian doesn’t mean that one needs to eat only beans and bread/pasta. We eat this because this is what we like.

I realize that the menu sounds a bit boring, mainly because there is no idea of the ingredients I’m going to use, but these will include some lush nut butters, fruit jams (with no added sugar, just fruits), coconut milk, and exotic veggies. Of course, the menu caters for our lifestyle, with hearty breakfasts and light dinners. I know that most people do not eat like that, but, well, these kind of posts are for inspiration, so it works.

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  1. It doesn’t sound boring at all! I can’t wait to see this again with pictures, more details and comments! Yay, I love weeks worth of food posts!

  2. Great meal plan. I have been a vegetarian for 25 years now but my husband is not, although he eats vegetarian at home. However he is so creative in the kitchen, always coming up with variations of our favorites. I see pizza on your list. We eat tons of it and also make the dough from scratch keeping it as healthy as possible. I make a fake tuna with chickpeas. So delicious!

  3. I would happily eat at your house this week and even help you with the preparations. You’re lucky that your husband enjoys eating the same way you do. My plant-based journey could have been so much more fun and exciting if that were the case at my house.

    I’ve seen recipes that call themselves hummus that don’t use tahini (or some sort of nut butter, including peanut)… but in my opinion, that’s what makes it into hummus.

    1. That’s so nice of you to say, thank you. I agree, without tahini is not houmous, but a mash. :))

  4. I really love reading meal plans as it always gives me inspiration on what to try myself! I really like how you change up your breakfasts each day, I’m a little boring with my breakfast choices xo

  5. Thank you for sharing your meal plan! It’s a shame the international shop you go to doesn’t follow social distancing rules. I hope you can go back there soon though and stock up on what you eat regularly – I know how frustrating it can be when you don’t have exactly what you need for your cooking. I have to say, beans on toast is always awesome haha! Love it 🙂

    Julia x

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