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Passiflora update

I’ve made a Passiflora update last year, showing its development in the last years. It is grown from seed, a gift from my mother, sent by post from Romania. Comparing to this time last year (the pictures were taken about 2 weeks ago), it is amazingly huge.

Passiflora, from a side

Passiflora update. Full view

This is how big it is this year. In the next picture you can see how it looked like last year, in July 2018.

Passiflora, last year

Passiflora flower

Its flowers bloom at different times and we have now a few of them in bloom. It’s gorgeous.

I wonder how much it will grow next year. We need to figure out how to let it evolve. I think it would be best to encourage it to grow on the sides towards the house. Having a green wall is amazing and for it to grow and become bigger is even more exciting.

Passiflora update. Flower

Due to its size, now we have smaller birds in the garden as well. They can hide in the passiflora and so they feel confident to eat from the bird feeder. Before that only pigeons and magpies were coming into our garden. Besides birds, we also have bees and butterflies coming to the flowers.

Passiflora update. Flowers in bloom

I’m going to make another passiflora update next year, as it will, hopefully, continue to grow and thrive. So far I left it be, without doing too much. Besides arranging the strings (or how they are called), to make sure it covers more of the back, having more light and looking pretty, I didn’t do anything else. I don’t water it, unless it is very hot outside for a long time, and I don’t give it any plant food or anything. If you’ve read my philosophy about growing plants, you already know it: laissez-faire.

Do you have any plants you’ve grown from seed? Or do you have a passiflora? I’d like to know other passiflora stories, so please leave me a comment with your experience.

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  1. It looks brilliant! Our Passiflora is rampant and takes over dramatically quickly! My husband hates it and is always hacking it back,I love it because the bees adore it. Have you tried eating the fruits? I’ve eaten a couple this year – even though they are pretty tasteless! It’s so weird the way the skin is like bread- it is so dry and then the berries inside are not sticky!

    1. Mine didn’t made fruits, but I’ve passion fruits from the supermarket before and I like those a lot. Hopefully mine will have fruits in a few years, I’d love to grow my own fruits.

  2. My Grandad has had one of these in his garden for years. Last year it surprised him and bore fruit for the very first time!

  3. Yours has really grown since last year! I think the blooms are beautiful… and it’s always a plus to attract bees and butterflies.

    The only flower from seed I’ve grown is a moonflower. I had a photo of one on Instagram a week or so ago. They only bloom at night and are quite stunning in their size and beauty.

  4. Your vine is so beautiful and lush! We planted one of these in spring from seed and it has grown up our bird feeder post. However it is looking very sad and there are no buds. Maybe we need to try planting multiple seeds. We have seen this vine growing and flowering beautifully in this area so it is not the climate that is the problem.

    1. Thank you. Wait a bit more with it. Mine took a couple of years to have flowers, I can’t remember exactly as I didn’t blog about it back then.

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