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Easter and Duck Race

I was wondering if I should talk about my Easter and Duck race in the same post. It was a good idea in the end as we managed to miss the race while searching for a car park, more on that to come.

01 Easter and Duck race

On Easter the weather wasn’t great. We had a couple of long walks with Festus, we had a lot of yummy dishes. I blogged on my food blog about My Easter Menu. I made these dyed and decorated eggs, as I usually do for Easter.

02 Easter and Duck race

I also made a Simnel cake, decorated with the cute fondant bunny I made a few weeks ago. I’m so happy with my fondant decorations that I will try new things. Have a look at the sheep my husband and I made for the nutty caramel cake.

03 Easter and Duck race

Festus, on one of his walks yesterday, enjoying the sun.

On Easter day we saw the F1 race and it was a treat. Vettel won, from 3rd place with a great strategy and a few overtakings. Verstappen was in a great place, but, sadly, his brakes failed and he had to retire. It was a really exciting race to see. I think most F1 fans were happy to see some action on the track and not a 1-2 Mercedes finish as last year. Mercedes is looking grim and that is amazing for F1.

04 Easter and Duck race

On Easter Monday we planned to go to Hebden Bridge for the duck race. We got there just in time, but all the car parks were full and there wasn’t any sign about that, so we went in each one trying to find a space; we and others like us, the traffic was horrible, obviously. We finally parked far and we got in the centre at around 10 minutes after the race had started. We looked around a few minutes because there were no signs with where the race starts and finishes. Well, the race was over and all the ducks were out of the water in 15 minutes! I can’t imagine how they managed to get all of them out so fast.

We went to see the stalls, I got 2 books from a charity shop, we got a couple of desserts from a local bakery. It’s a tradition of ours to try the local bakeries.

05 Easter and Duck race

Pretty much this was the only duck we were able to see. We had a laugh, considering we’ve spent a three hours on the road to get to Hebden Bridge and back. Regardless, we had a great time. We’ll know next year to get an hour earlier to see the race.

06 Easter and Duck race

Here it would have been the duck race. Only a couple of real ducks on the water, relaxing.

07 Easter and Duck race

On the way back home, we stopped by this reservoir and had our desserts admiring the view. It was a lovely day.

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  1. Oh no, sorry you missed the duck race!
    Hebden Bridge can be a pain for parking though – its one of the few places I’ll usually get the train to instead! But a nice place to visit, even without ducks! 😀

  2. What a shame about missing the race after so much travel! It sounds intriguing!! The cake is amazing!!

  3. It’s a shame you missed the duck race. Since passing my test and buying a car I’ve come to realise that parking can cause so many problems! My brother used to live in Hebden Bridge and I wish Id had chance to visit him before he moved because it looks like such a nice place.

    I love it when Mercedes don’t win! It makes it more exciting.

  4. That’s annoying about the weather – it was rubbish in Scotland too. Still, at least you had that delicious simnel cake to eat 🙂

  5. Oh no! I’m so sad you missed the duck race! I was looking forward to seeing the photos. Hebden Bridge is a lovely place to visit, though.

    Corinne x

  6. The weather wasn’t great for us here too. Shamed that the duck race wasn’t well organised and you waste your time there. Saw your cake on Instagram. Look yummy!

  7. That icing looks incredible, I could just eat that all day! An incredible photo you’ve managed to get of the storm clouds and their reflection in the water, though it’s a shame you had miserable weather for Easter too, sounds much like what I had where I am. Typical for a bank holiday though… x

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