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Where I grew up

I do not talk often of my childhood, so I thought it would be interesting for my readers to see where I grew up. I do not have pictures, as I did not think of taking any of the places I am so familiar with. So, instead, I searched on google and their embedded street […]

Life after lockdown

Life after lockdown

The restrictions are easing down in UK, but, from my point of view, we are still in lockdown, just as we were last month. We are still not going anywhere, unless for shopping. I’m wearing my face masks when necessary, of course. Even so, I am thinking of how life after lockdown will look like. […]


Meet Dexter

The sponsorship pack arrived a few days ago and, so, I’m happy to present Dexter to you. Dexter is a cross breed pig which loves going for walks in his harness. He was welcomed at Hopefield Animal Sanctuary in December 2017. His owner could no longer care for him. Today he is very happy at […]

33 Random Questions

33 Random Questions

I saw these 33 random questions on Kezzie’s blog, as she got them from Hazel. So here are their answers: Kezzie & Hazel. It’s been a while since I made this kind of post and with not a lot of things to do these days, as we are in lockdown, I thought it would be […]

colouring book

Self-isolating. Activities for Adults

More and more people are asked to stay at home, so I came up with a new post: Self-isolating. Activities for Adults. There are plenty of posts and advice regarding what you can do with children, but not so many when it comes to adults. For the last week I’ve been at home, mainly because […]

Think about your food

Think about your food

In January, after the festive season, we are bombarded with “new year new you” ads, urging us to sign up to the gym and of course, to eat healthy food. The whole idea of eating in December and go on a diet in January is unhealthy because we should make conscientious decisions daily. This is […]

Reading Retreat at Home

Reading Retreat at Home

I saw a blogger going on a reading retreat. It seemed like such a great idea and I looked into it. While everything was great, as in the venues that organize this and the whole concept, it wasn’t suitable for us. I don’t like the idea of leaving Festus somewhere for a couple of nights […]

Unusual date Ideas

Unusual Date Ideas

I thought of writing a post on unusual date ideas for a few weeks now, when I thought of the latest things we did. I picked up five different ideas. All the activities I’m talking about can be done in Liverpool and Manchester, but some of them are available in other parts of Britain, and […]

Things I'm looking forward to

Things I’m looking forward to

I thought it would be nice to make a little update with things I’m looking forward to this month and next month. These days I’m going to try out a new subscription box and I can’t wait to share my views on the blog. But, this post is about other things I’m looking forward to. […]