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Knowsley Safari Park. May 2021

A couple of day ago we went to Knowsley Safari Park. We only could get a slot at 9.30, exactly when they opened. It was a rainy morning and we thought it would be nice to do something outside, but not very outside. Well, it seemed that most of the animals at Knowsley had pretty much the same idea. The monkeys were not jumping on cars and many of them were indoors, some of the deer were indoors, the rhinos were in their shelter or still inside, the second crash [herd].




The Pheasants were squabbling, which is the first time I see them. Quite aggressive, but, luckily, not as aggressive as roosters, from what I could tell in a minute of watching them.


Knowsley Safari Park

Monkey hugging

The monkeys were not playful at all. Most of the families were hugging together. It was so lovely to see them like that.


Knowsley Safari Park


Bisons are slurping their water, if they are drinking water from a puddle. It was funny to hear them slurp. Of course, slurping is funny only when bisons do it and NOT when humans do it.

Bisons drinking water



Lioness at Knowsley Safari Park

I’ve seen the lions under their shelter when it was raining before, but now they were happy to stay about 2m from the cars…in a socially distancing way. How cute are they?



 Lion sleeping

I just love this picture. He is so sweet and looks cuddly.


Camels at Knowsley Safari Park

The camels took over, both the food and the shelter. Funnily enough, the camel’s shelter was empty and also filled with fresh hay.

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  1. Aww, the hugging monkeys are so wonderful. Love the pheasant in motion – great capture! A shame that many animals were hiding from the drizzle, but you still managed to see a lot and take excellent photos!

  2. We’re booked to go to Longleat Safari Park (which is our local) in half term and I can’t wait! You’ve got some fabulous pictures here, Anca, especially the lions and the wolf. It must be strange for the animals to see all these people in cars again after so long, I wonder what they think! x

    1. I think you’ll have a lovely time at Longleat. The safari opened last month, so by now the animals got used to cars being back, especially as it is so busy. Most of the weekend was fully-booked, with the exception of 1 spot on Saturday morning and 1-2 spots on Sunday afternoon. It’s amazingly popular, most likely because it’s by its nature, very covid-safe.

  3. I always love it when you come here- the photos are always incredible!
    I love seeing Monkey affection- I remember this from seeing the Baboons wild in Cape Town. The Pheasants fighting was a great photo- the aggression is evident from that prickly picture you took!
    Funnily enough, my penpal Katie (ex blogger) sent me a letter today which I’ve just read and she went to Liverpool for the week and went to Knowsley!

  4. We haven’t ventured out too far yet, just basically to a couple of National Trust gardens. However I believe that family are planning a trip to The Cotswold Wildlife Park soon (which is up by Burford in Oxfordshire), so we shall probably tag along with them, although it is quite a long drive for us.

    We live much closer to Marwell Animal Park and of course we have Longleat about 3 miles up the road, although we have been there so many times it would be good to have a change.

    We have never really ventured to any of the wildlife parks further north, however Knowsley looks really nice and you managed to get some awesome shots!

    It’s good to do something just a little bit ‘normal’ isn’t it? 🙂

    1. It was the same for me, just local parks and some gardens. I have a leaflet from Cotsworld and one from Longleat and I would love to visit both, in the future hopefully.
      I just love these visits, it’s very much like normal, as we are members and we visit them monthly. It’s only a few miles from us, so why not spend a couple of hours enjoying the animals.

  5. Despite the rainy weather (or maybe because of) you got some really great photos on this visit! It’s nice to see the monkeys calm like that. I see many of the deer are lying down. Our cows seem to do that when it rains, too.
    Kelly recently posted…Rare Book StoreMy Profile

    1. The deer were almost all under that tree, for protection from the rain. They looked directly at us when we stopped to take the picture.

  6. The photographs of monkeys hugging are so precious. It is nice to see baboons being so tender one toward the other. Do you think they can feel there is something going on with the world? I think monkeys can pick up subtle clues in the behaviour of humans and they probably feel when something is off. Maybe I’m overthinking it in this case, they might just be hugging for warmth. However, I think that in general animals feel a lot more than humans give them credit for.
    The photographs of lions are adorable too. They do look cuddly. Isn’t it amazing how the big cats behave exactly like the domestic cats. I always find it so funny.
    The camels taking over another shelter are funny. Maybe they just like being bossy and eating someone’s else food.

    1. The monkeys saw a change in their lives over the last year, with people and cars stopping and then returning, but in smaller numbers. The camels are very bossy indeed, they always steal from the black cows (I can’t remember the name of the breed). 😀

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