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Today the theme is “Your local area” for Blog Every Day in November. I would love to write about it, but I also have a list of good things. So, I decided I’m going to post pone a few days the post about Liverpool.

02 Manchester good things

Manchester good things

1. Manchester. I’ve been to Manchester yesterday and we wonder around the city. While walking I discovered a huge craft shop where they have this wonderful cameras in the window. It’s on three stories and it’s packed with goodies, it’s even bigger than Hobby craft. It was a treat just to look at their items and have ideas. I bought a couple of things and now I can express my artistic side.

2. 9bar. It wasn’t a brand I was familiar with. I won the Degustabox at the blogger event I’ve been to and a pack of 5 was included in the box. They bars are delicious, I will buy from them other flavours to try them.

3. Christmas. I can’t wait to get ready for Christmas. In a couple of days is my birthday and after that I can start the Christmas cheer.

4. Secret Santa. I signed up for a secret Santa for bloggers. I love that I will send a small gift to a blogger, I looked on her website and she is so nice. It’s really exciting.

5. The Apprentice. I wrote about The Apprentice yesterday and last night’s episode was fab. Lord Sugar fired 3 candidates, one of them even before going into the boardroom because she was so poorly at her job, just fab. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

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  1. Great post. I’ve only ever been to Manchester Airport! It sounds lovely though. Hope you have a lovely birthday. xx

  2. I STILL have Manchester on my to visit list, my sister and I have made a pact to visit more places in England next year, it’s silly to live in a country packed with interesting place and not actually go to any of them! I love the bloggers Secret Santa idea 🙂 can I still sign up somewhere? Have a lovely weekend, Anca! xxx

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