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My Easter

My husband, the dog and I had a pretty interesting Easter this year. I am always keen to make lots of different things to eat, lots of desserts. I made Romanian dishes that are made for Easter, British traditional foods and even Dutch, I have to blame Mary Berry for that one.


These are one of my favourite things at Easter, dyed eggs. Well, the ones I made this year aren’t technically dyed, but it’s the same thing and I think they look amazing. After taking this picture, I put them in my new basket on a bed of green paper. I found this Faberge designs in a Polish shop and I was eager to try something else after the less than perfect hand-decorated eggs I’ve made last year.


On Friday I went to a couple of farms to search for white eggs to dye. I didn’t take any pictures as I already blogged about them (so I don’t have a Farm of the Month this month). Hubby was busy in the morning and after shopping I was too tired (and I have a cold too), so I didn’t manage to cook anything. I made everything on Saturday, with a short break to go to see the Green Jade Vine at Croxteth Hall.


I baked a bread and hubby and I also made Easter men, the Dutch traditional food Mary Berry mentioned in her Easter Feast TV show. I made a girl, with a star anise fascinator and a big cranberry smile. Hubby made a man with a cinnamon hair and socks with his football ready for a match. It was so much fun to make the Easter man, most definitely we’ll make them again.


Some of the starters I’ve made. From top left is Confit D’Oignon, peanut butter mushrooms, cauliflower mayo (is similar to standard mayo, but healthier and with less calories) and mushrooms with mayo and pickled cucumbers salad.


I made a Spring terrine, my take on a Romanian traditional dish. We also had tomatoes and spring onions and a cheese board.

For mains we had roasted potatoes with grilled halloumi and this green beans, mayo and garlic salad.


Saturday morning started with me making the Hot Cross Buns. They are difficult to make because they need double proving before being shaped and left for another hour to prove. I do love them, so I think they were worth the effort.
For hubby I made cozonac, it’s a sweet, rich dough fruit loaf with turkish delight and nuts. I also made passion fruit flavoured biscuits.


This is my first Simnel cake. I never had it before, but I was sure I would love it as it has so many dried fruits. The marzipan layer in the middle makes a huge difference. I loved the cake and it will be on our table for every Easter.


Coffee jelly is a Japanese dessert. It’s so easy to make, low in sugar and a must for everyone who loves coffee. I made it for the first time last month and I was delighted. It’s a great way to use those Easter egg moulds without making another heavy dessert.


Hubby loves trifle, so we’ve made a peach trifle.

In addition to all this, we had chocolate, obviously. Hubby made our own chocolate eggs, but they are still in the mould. I think I’ve made too much food, but we can enjoy it in the following days.

How was your Easter?

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  1. The eggs are really inspiring! Our Orthodox Easter is still to come, and I want to decorate some eggs this year – maybe I will look for materials to do something like this. I love your charming and homey bread men, too!

    (I just hopped over here from Kezzie’s blog.)

  2. Those eggs are amaazing! You are tres clever!!!! I’m not keen on many sweet things but peach trifle sounds very very nice!!!x

  3. Loving your decorated eggs, so pretty. I love simnel cake, one of my favourites. Not heard of Easter men, will have to look that one up

  4. My first time to have heard of Easter men! We usually just do Easter Egg hunt at our country and it’s not really even a tradition. So cool to see how you guys celebrated easter! 🙂

  5. Those easter men looks great! I used to make easter eggs out of real eggs when I was younger. We used to empty the eggs of the yolk/white by pinning holes in the top and bottom and blowing through it, then would paint them 🙂

    Corinne x

    1. Thank you. In Romania, the tradition is to paint or dye boiled hen eggs. They are knocked and the one that stays intact is the winner. It’s fun and we eat a lot of eggs during Easter. :))

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