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Knowsley safari park

For hubby’s name day (he is so lucky, he has 2/year), he decided he wants to go to Knowsley safari park. I was surprised, as I’m the one suggesting this kind of things. We’ve been there last year and he enjoyed it very much, especially the lion enclosure.

This Park is amazing, we didn’t even realize how fast the time passed by while we were watching the animals. There are only a few fences which makes everything natural and realistic. Also, the majority of the animals are born in the UK, at different safari parks and zoos. I believe the animals should have a peaceful life in the wild but, considering what is happening in the wild… having a good gene pool in captivity is very important too.
Also, having animals so close makes it easier to raise awareness, we’ve made a donation to a Sealion charity after the sealion show.

As there are a lot of pictures and movies, I’ve decided to make a few posts. First, you can see more pictures here. Another 3 will follow, about different animals: lions, monkeys and birds of prey. I’m going to post them 1 each week, so it’s not too much. This also allows me time to write more about them.

knowsley safari park 01

The first animals we saw where the Camels.

knowsley safari park 02

Then we saw the Tiger. I’m not sure why we can’t drive near him like in the lion enclosure.

knowsley safari park 03

As I said, there will be another post with more pictures and details about the lions.

knowsley safari park 04

knowsley safari park 05

Isn’t he such a cutie? So curious and funny, love him (or her, not sure about the gender).

knowsley safari park 06

knowsley safari park 07

The monkeys were monkeying around, obviously. On our first pass thru the safari they were busy eating and they weren’t that destructive. On the second pass…I’m only going to say that hubby had to do some DIY in the car park.

knowsley safari park 08

The rhinos are so beautiful, majestic. I could feel their energy when they were interacting with each other. Amazing thing to be able to watch them as close as they can be in the wild.

knowsley safari park 09

knowsley safari park 10

Forest buffalo were sleeping the first time we’ve passed… and the second time.

knowsley safari park 11

knowsley safari park 12

knowsley safari park 22

knowsley safari park 23

The Bongos were fed cabbage by a lady who was enjoying her job. Lovely to see the keepers love the animals as much as the visitors do.

knowsley safari park 24

Emu, a very curious bird, that has a funny behaviour. They have a strange diet and they follow humans or other animals to see what they are up to.

knowsley safari park 25

They’re only a few Roan Antelopes. I like the horns, they look interesting.

knowsley safari park 13

knowsley safari park 14

I love bats, they are so cute and small. Even hubby said he would like to pet them! That is really a strange thing to hear, as he is not a huge fan.

knowsley safari park 15

The Meerkats are adorable and very popular. It was crowded at their enclosure.

knowsley safari park 16

knowsley safari park 17

These pigs were incredible. They were living in their pig friendly environment, but still manage to have that lovely white fur on their bellies.

knowsley safari park 18

All the Asian elephants are bred in UK, at different zoos and safari parks.

knowsley safari park 19

knowsley safari park 20

We had a chocolate cake and some Earl Grey.

knowsley safari park 32

knowsley safari park 31

She was looking at me, awwwww, my heart melted. Funny looking creatures, with small horns, purple tongues and not bothered by the people around them.

knowsley safari park 21

There will be a special post about the birds of prey. This one is an eagle. Lovely bird, but vultures are still my favourite birds of prey.

knowsley safari park

knowsley safari park 26

We took a selfie before the sealion show.

knowsley safari park 30

Near the sealion cove there is a small bug house with only a few animals.

knowsley safari park 29

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  1. All those animals are adorable! I love the bats best! I am so jealous of people who get a name day!

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