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The Vegan Kind. June Boxes

The Vegan Kind subscription has two June boxes, the lifestyle box which is monthly and beauty box which is every other month. I was happy with both boxes this month.

The Vegan Kind. June Boxes

I don’t start using everything, especially from the beauty box right away because I still have creams or makeup. But I am happy with them once I start using them. In the April’s box I received an eyeshadow palette which I like using, it’s good. I am also using now a lip oil which is lovely, from April, and the February’s Vitamin C Moisturiser and I love it. So, while I can’t say right now much about some of the items, I will be using them in a few months time.

June Beauty Box

The Vegan Kind. June beauty box:

Delilah Long Wear Retractable Pencil (RRP £20.00) – It’s an eyeliner with a sharpener inserted in it.

BetterYou Hair, Skin and Nails Daily Oral Spray 25ml (RRP £19.95) – is a vitamin spray from a brand I blogged about before and I am using at the moment. On top of that, it comes in recyclable, plant-based packaging. So, I am pretty delighted seeing this in the box.

Miss Patisserie Frosting Bath Slab (RRP £7.50) – is a bath bomb slab from which you can break off a chunk or two. I think it’s pretty great to have the possibility to use more or less, depending on the mood. It should be enough for 8 to 10 baths or so, so the price is really good too.

Dr PAWPAW Tinted Peach Pink Balm 25ml (£6.95) – is lovely and creamy, but the shade does not work for me at all on the lips. My complexion and peach-tinted balm are clashing, so that’s a no. Instead of using it is a lip balm, I will use it as an eye shadow. It stays in place.

Dr Botanicals Strawberry & Poppy Seed Cleansing Bar 100g (RRP £9.90) – an exfoliating bar which is a bit expensive. I like this kind of bars and I am looking forward to using it.

June Lifestyle Box

The Vegan Kind. June lifestyle box:

Rhythm 108 Hazelnut Chocolate Praline Soft-Baked Filled Cookie 50g (RRP £1.59) – was lovely. I liked the texture, but my husband prefers harder cookies. Next time I’m having one of these by myself.

Katies Food Co Mixed Herb Banana Crisps 32g (RRP £1.49) – I am yet to try these, but I am very much looking forward to it.

Well&Truly Crunchies Punchy Pickles 30g (RRP £0.85) – these are so unusual, but I loved them. It works so nice, even though the idea of pickle snacks might be a bit strange at first. I would buy these again.

Chika’s Smoked Almonds 41g (RRP £1.49) – another delicious snack. We both loved it and surely we will buy these again.

TENZING Pinapple & Passion Fruit 330ml (RRP £2.10) – was nice.

Sunkist Chewy Candy 60g (RRP £1.60) – I am yet to try these.

Faith In Nature Dragon Fruit Body Wash 400ml (RRP £5.79) – has a lovely smell. I use Faith In Nature products and most of them are great. I only had an issue with a shampoo, but my hair is very picky and only agrees with a handful of shampoos anyway. I love the smell of the body wash and I will keep the bottle to refill it, with Faith In Nature, from a local refill shop.

BOSH! Bangin’ Brownie Mix (RRP £2.99) – these are great. I’ve tried this mix before and liked it a lot.

Lifestyle boxes are between £8 and £10, depending on the subscription, and £3.15 for P&P. Every month they give a donation to a charity and in June they picked Miracle’s Mission. It is an animal welfare organisation that works with sick, injured, and disabled animals worldwide, as they provide a place of safety for animals in danger and to neuter stray dogs and cats to prevent the birth of more animals onto the streets. They also rehabilitate and re-home dogs, often with disabilities, in UK.

Beauty boxes are between £12.75 and £15, depending on the subscription, and £3.15 for P&P. The beauty boxes are every other month. They give a donation to a charity and in June they picked Animal Free Research UK.

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  1. I see several things in the lifestyle box that I would like to try. The pickle snacks sound especially intriguing! Even though I probably wouldn’t use anything from the beauty box, I do think the idea of the bath bomb slab is clever, allowing you to use as much or as little as you want.

    I’m a firm believer in spaying and neutering pets. It’s healthier for them in the long run and a necessity when they’re allowed to roam as ours are (living in a rural area).
    Kelly recently posted…Dog Stamps QuiltMy Profile

    1. In Romania there were (still are) lots of stray dogs, so I am a big believer in spaying and neutering too. Although Festus is still intact, but he was always an indoor dog without the possibility of roaming, as we always lived in cities.

  2. Agree with you on Faith in Nature range. I buy their products in Oxfam, they have a lovely selection.
    Very curious to try the pickles snack. Great to have a bath bomb that you can break a piece at a time. I find that the bigger round bath bombs are too overwhelming when you use the whole bomb.
    Lovely boxes, Anca!

  3. Great Vegan boxes. The beauty one is very interesting. It is clever that you use the peach lip balm as an eye-shadow because the colour suits you better on the eyes. The bath salt sounds wonderful too and so does the eye liner. The lifestyle box sounds lovely as well. I’m sure those smoked almonds are delicious.
    I also like the charity the donation does too. Helping disabled and street animals is a great cause.
    It is so important to neuter stray dogs and cats. It is really the only human way to keep their numbers under control. I think most pets should be neutered as well, it makes them live longer and have better quality lives. I don’t know why some people think of neutering as something negative.

    1. I agree that neutering is so important for stray dogs, the only humane way to make sure there are less and less dogs on the street.

  4. My two favourite items are the Dr Paw Paw balm (Flora has the peach one and she’s blonde, it really suits her) and the Rhythm 108 bar because I’ve had some of these before and they are LUSH! Lovely boxes, Anca, thank you for sharing, and what a great choice of goodies in each 🙂

    1. Yes, the peach works wonderful on blondes. Rhythm 108 are so good, I love their chocolate and this cookie is very good too.

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