Vegan Kind Beauty Box

Today I’m sharing my thoughts on the Vegan Kind Beauty Box, as I already blogged about the lifestyle box a couple of days ago. You can get yours from thevegankind if you want to. Prices for a box start at £18 + P&P for the most expensive subscription, the bi-monthly one.

Vegan Kind Beauty Box

I was delighted with this box. I didn’t know any of these brands before, but I might buy at least one of them again, if I’m happy with the product after more than one or two uses.

Vegan Kind Beauty Box - What's in the box

This is what the box had:
ZERO Natural Face Scrub 100ml (RRP £9.99)
Bowe Organics Lash Oil 10ml (RRP £19.99)
Sunkissed Cosmetics Bronze and Glow Bronzing Pearls (RRP £3.99)
Jorgobé Original Black Peel Off Mask 100ml (RRP £26.00)
CODE Beautiful Lip Intense Plumper (RRP £20.00)

As the most expensive subscription plan is £18.15 (box + shipping costs), there is a significant saving as 3 of the items are, on their own, more expensive than the box.

I am excited about the face scrub and the black peel off mask. I use regularly peel off masks, but cheaper versions. So, it’s great to be able to use a more expensive version and see if I should spend more on my peel masks or not. As for the face scrub, the one I’m using at the moment is nearly finished, so this arrived just in time. I tried it yesterday and I’m very happy with it. This is one of the products I might buy again.

I haven’t heard/read about lash oil before and I was very curious to try it. After applying a small amount, using my fingers, my lashes look like I’ve applied a discreet mascara. It looks great.

The last two products in the box are the bronze pearls and the lip plumper. These two are not something I would normally use, but I will try them. I prefer lipstick or lip gloss. At home I’m wearing lipstick if I have a video call, of course. Of course, I’m wearing lipstick when I’m out, as I will take off my mask at some point, when we are seated at the table. But, now I almost stopped wearing lipstick when I’m going to the supermarket or the library, so I would use less. I tried the lip plumper too, and it does what it should do.

Overall I’m very pleased with the box and I will try/use all the products in it. I can’t wait to receive the next box, in December. I hope it will have some Christmas related items.

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  1. Sounds like a good box to try new products. I probably wouldn’t use the lash oil or bronze pearls, just not something I would have time for. I mentioned to you on Insta that I got a vegan beauty advent calendar from H&B, and wonder if it might have same products. I will find out in December (if I last that long with waiting). 🙂
    I think the face scrub would be my top choice from this box.

    1. It is quite good, I’ve used it instead of eye cream, as a drop is too much only for eye lashes. So far I’m very happy.

  2. Sounds like a lovely box, I love a good peel-off mask they can be very satisfying if they peel off properly. And good timing about your face scrub x

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