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Unexpected Cat in the Kitchen

What do you do if you find an Unexpected Cat in the Kitchen? Well, I had to find the answer to this question yesterday, when… well… we were faced with this situation. I didn’t plan to write this post, as you can imagine, is not something you can add in your blogging schedule as it’s so unexpected.

Unexpected Cat in the Kitchen

I have no idea if she is a stray or, maybe she has an owner. Regardless, she wanted to have a snooze on our worktop, despite us having a rather big dog that is not fond of cats (or I should say that is too fond?!). She came a couple of times to us and we’ve petted her. But never imagined she will get inside the house through the open kitchen window. It never happened before. Luckily for her and for everybody else, the door was closed.

Dog watching the Cat in the Kitchen

Festus, our dog, was waiting to see if anybody will open the door for him. Firstly I didn’t even see the cat, just him waiting at the door. Initially I though he is thirsty, then I saw how focused he was at something in the kitchen.

He looks like he is very calm and relaxed, but he is like this because I was taking his picture. Before that he was barking mad at the door. The cat didn’t seem too bothered though. You can see her in the background, on the worktop. The cat was sitting there, relaxing, while we were asking what should we do.

Unexpected Cat in the Kitchen. On the worktop

She was quite delicate I have to add. It didn’t look like she tripped any of the things on the worktop. As you can see, the plates were ready for breakfast, the cup for coffee.

My husband got in the kitchen and took her out. That was a really fun way to start the day. Of course, we had to wash all the crockery that was exposed. With all the adrenaline I had when I saw her… I didn’t need my morning cup of coffee though… maybe a cup of chamomile tea.

Did something like this ever happened to you?

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  1. My neighbour dog did came inside my house when I was putting my shopping away. She sneaks and wee all over my kitchen floor because the dog walker left her without a lead. Luckily she is friendly dog. She was quite a big dog like your!
    Such a cutie and luckily the cat is safe!
    Ps love your new design and welcome to wordpress. You have gone self host?

    1. I’ve been self hosted on wordpress for a few years, but I have a new design, the old one looked tired. Thank you xx

  2. haha cheeky kitty!
    I’ve had them sneak in my house before, but I don’t have a great bog dog!

  3. What a lovely cat. She looks really composed considering the dog is there. I have had a couple of cats trying to come in but the dog always chases them away

  4. Ah bless her! When I was a teenager a cat used to come over to our house as my Taid used to feed her. She would come into the kitchen if the door was open. We have no idea where she came from but she ended up staying! Albeit outside in the passage as I was (and still am) allergic to cats.

  5. How completely random! But what a charming looking young lady – I hope she enjoyed her morning nap xx

  6. Awww, she doesn’t look like a stray, she looks well fed. Perhaps her own door was closed and she saw an opportunity in your open kitchen window to get out of the cold. I once found next door’s cat in my son’s bedroom, she had jumped onto the conservatory roof and come in through his open window.

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