Vegan Fair – Live A Better Life Vegan Fair Liverpool

Vegan Fair – Live A Better Life or LABL fair took place yesterday in Liverpool, at St. George’s Hall. I’ve seen an add about the fair last year, but didn’t go. This time, as I’m moving towards a mostly vegan diet, I wanted to get some vegan goodies, so we went to the fair.

Live A Better Life Vegan Fair

The fair was held at St. George’s Hall, a stunning location, and easy to get to. The fair was quite busy and really nice. There are a lot of stalls, 130. A few were not as interesting, but there is something for everybody. I wanted to get some cheese and I’ve tasted some, but it wasn’t what I was looking for, so didn’t get any. But I did buy a few things, see at the end of the post more about that.

Stall selling eco toothbrushes at Live A Better Life Vegan Fair

I bought an eco toothbrush and after using it for a couple of times, so far, I’m annoyed with myself that I didn’t get two. But I will buy online from them in three months, when I’m going to change my toothbrush. They did have a few more interesting things there.

Lunch at Live A Better Life Vegan Fair

We had a quick Indian lunch. Pakoras, samosa, and onion bhaji, were all for £5 and very good too, not too spicy (for our western pallet), but full of flavour.

Kat von D presentation at Live A Better Life Vegan Fair

After that, we’ve stayed to see the makeup presentation by the guys from the Kat von D. I like watching these makeup presentations as I always learn a thing or two. My husband, who has no idea about makeup, finds these presentations interesting too, as they are so complex. So, after watching the presentation, I received a voucher with 10% off, to get something from Kat von D, at the Debenham shop. I’m going to go there next week and have a look. I need something new for my brows, as my Barry M is over 18 months old and needs changing and the other brow makeup I’ve used was a pencil from Benefit and passed its use by date too and I had to discard it.

Stand at Live A Better Life Vegan Fair

Beside vegan dog treats like sweet potato, there were stalls with cakes, cheese, jewellery, handbags, cosmetics, hot food stalls.

Live A Better Life Vegan Fair - LABL

What I got from Live A Better Life Vegan Fair

This is what we got, including two free bottles of beer because we were in the first 500 to get at the show. We bought some cakes because my husband wanted to try a vegan cake. They were delicious. I got a bag of kimchi and I’m really eager to try it. I mentioned the bamboo toothbrush and we also got some chocolate, including a vegan dark chocolate caramel egg. It was lovely going to the fair and I would like to go again, maybe in September, when they have the other one this year.
The entry fee is £3 per person.

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  1. I’d very much like to go to one of these! I really like my Bamboo toothbrushes so far- I am onto my second one. It’s funny because I tried a different brand 2 years ago and strongly disliked it as it chaffed the side of my mouth but these ones are fine!

  2. This event sounds amazing. Love to try vegan cake someday!
    What a great event to get people to know more about vegan!

  3. I think this would be a fantastic event to attend and the food you’ve shown looks delicious!

    I’m not convinced dogs need vegan, but I’ve given mine sweet potato treats before. I have a bamboo toothbrush, too, and really like it.

    I hope you go back in September.

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