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Even if I do avoid taking supplements like vitamins, I feel that sports supplements are essential while training.

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I don’t take vitamins only because I don’t feel I really need them. I believe that a highly diversified diet has a greater impact than a vitamin pill and we do tend to eat healthy anyway. My passion for cooking makes me try all kind of recipes with a lot of different ingredients.

In the same time, I take sports supplements that directly affect my ability to train and/or to recover after training.

The only one I take regularly is  a whey protein shake after every training session. To add the much needed high absorbency carbs I prefer a spoon of jam or honey. As for the protein, I get only the unflavoured type, while hubby is trying new flavours every time. The unflavoured one tastes like watery milk.
The proteins after training are crucial for muscle grow, while the carbs are very important for muscle recovery.

L-carnitine is another supplement I’ve taken from time to time. I use to take it as a powder that had to be dissolved in water, 30 minutes before training. The L-carnitine helps to metabolize fats in training, making it easier to train harder or for a longer period of time.
As I do P90X3 right now and it lasts only 30 minutes, being able to do more reps/bigger weight means I can have better results. Also, L-carnitine can shorten the recovery process, that’s another key issue with daily exercising.
At the moment I’m trying the liquid one and, after 2 sessions I can say without a doubt that there is a difference, I have more power and resistance. My husband told me he saw a difference in his training sessions too.

Another supplement I am taking once in a while is ZMA. It is composed by zinc and magnezium and it should be taken 30 minutes before bedtime. I can see the results from the 1st day, I sleep better, although not longer.

Other supplements I’ve taken: flax seed capsules/powder for omega3 and  spirulina, it’s an algae with high content of B12. Not exactly sports supplements, but they help. Flax seeds are great for knee support and spirulina gives an energy boost.

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  1. I do a daily training routine at home and I should say that my day would not be complete without my supplements. It gives me extra energy to keep going with my training.

  2. Omega 3 is a great supplement, especially for endurance training. It is also useful to people who do not necessarily train as athletes due to its many health benefits such as its anti-inflammatory effects on the body. These days it can be found in high doses and as an algal derivative for vegans who do not eat meats and thus can’t use supplements derived from fish oils. As an endurance athlete myself my target is 1000 mg of Omega 3 before every session.

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