Gwrych Castle view of the castle on the hill

August 2022

Gorbachev died and today all the news are saying how great he was, obviously ignoring that he kept the Russians in Afghanistan until 1988, besides crackdown in Kazakhstan (1986), massacre in Georgia (1989), “Black January” in Azerbaijan (1990), and crackdown in Lithuania (1991). Between tens and hundreds of people died in these crackdowns. Also, Chernobyl, […]



UPDATE: Nikki told me about the controversy regarding the brand. I did a bit of research, as I was completely unaware of this, maybe because I’m not using FB. So, in 2021 the owner went to Moscow in holiday, shared a picture with her husband, and made a joke. Details here and here. From my […]

Pictures from Padua


My post on Padua was due to be published yesterday, but I was so busy I didn’t have time to resize the pictures. I wanted to see Padua because its connections to Galileo Galilei. Conveniently for us it was on the road from Venice to Imola, so perfect for a short visit of a few […]

burger at Flower Burger

Flower Burger

This is a very special post, because I’m reviewing Flower Burger, a chain of vegan restaurants which opened the first restaurant in Milan, but also has one in London. I haven’t been to the one in London, I will soon though, but I’ve been to the one in Milan. Their menu is the same, which […]

Rocca Sforzesca


Yesterday I blogged about the Imola Circuit, Autodromo Internazionale Enzo e Dino Ferrari, including the Ayrton Senna memorial which is in Parco Acque Minerali. For anyone who watches F1 those names are well known and the primary reason to go to Imola. For the rest though, Imola has a lot more to offer. It’s a […]

Imola track

Imola Circuit

Imola Circuit is a must if you are visiting northern Italy and you are an F1 fan. I’ve loved seeing the circuit, with a guided tour. We were driven around the track, stopped and walked to see the track better. Unlike Monza, where the track tour is very fast, driven at speed, the Imola track […]

The Tudors: Passion, Power and Politics

The Tudors: Passion, Power and Politics is a special exhibition at Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool, still on for a week or so. I went to see it and loved it. I picked 15 pictures as highlights from the exhibition, some are just beautiful details from paintings because that was what I loved most about […]

Ristorante Montana. Inside

Ristorante Montana

Ristorante Montana is a very special place in Maranello and the third post in my series on Ferrari. As a Schumacher fan I read about the restaurant in biographies I read about him. This is where Schumacher had his meals with mechanics from the factory. It was popular with mechanics before and drivers for decades. […]

Ferrari F1 car

Ferrari Museums: Maranello

Ferrari Museum in Maranello is the second museum. Yesterday I talked about Ferrari Modena which celebrates the life and legacy of Enzo Ferrari. Today I am sharing details on the Maranello museum. It’s in walking distance of the Ferrari factory, which is the only place where Ferraris are being made. We also booked a factory […]

Ferrari Museums Modena

Ferrari Museums: Modena

There are two museums celebrating Ferrari, one in Modena and the second one in Maranello. I’ve been to both and today I’m talking about the Ferrari Museum in Modena. It is where Enzo Ferrari was born and the museum revolves around him. It’s about his life and the story ends when he died, ignoring the […]