Ferrari Museums Modena

Ferrari Museums: Modena

There are two museums celebrating Ferrari, one in Modena and the second one in Maranello. I’ve been to both and today I’m talking about the Ferrari Museum in Modena. It is where Enzo Ferrari was born and the museum revolves around him. It’s about his life and the story ends when he died, ignoring the […]

Bologna from above


I knew Bologna will be on my list of places to see in Italy, mainly because of its university. It is the oldest in the world, while Oxford is the oldest in the English-speaking world and 3rd oldest overall. Besides this very specific reason, Bologna has a lot to offer to people who otherwise might […]


Shanti Vegan

Shanti Vegan is a vegan restaurant in Maranello. We’ve been there twice, in the afternoon to get some take away for dinner, and the following day for breakfast. The ladies running the place are so friendly and helpful. We managed to chat in Italian after making clear that I fully understand Italian, but I have […]

Perfume from Lush

Perfume from Lush

Recently my husband got a perfume from Lush. He also surprised me with the fragrance I liked in shop – The Smell of Freedom. It has a wonderful name. It also describes perfectly what I think about their approach to products and labelling. Unlike the others manufacturers who are designing perfumes for men and women, […]


Today I’m making a quick round-up of our stop in Venice. I blogged about the vegan restaurant, La Tecia Vegana, and about Doge’s Palace. Now I’m going to share lots of pictures from the city and a few highlights. Venice is well known for its canals, but the small streets are just as delightful. Restaurant […]

La Tecia Vegana

La Tecia Vegana

La Tecia Vegana is the only vegan restaurant in Venice, but there is another one in the mainland Venice that I blogged about previously, Vgloso. As you can imagine, La Tecia Vegana is a very busy place, so booking is necessary. The restaurant opened in 2016. The restaurant is in Santa Marta, a location that […]