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The secret behind the mirror

I love secret hiding places and a tidy house, so I was so happy when I thought of transforming the mirror into a secret cupboard.

01 The secret mirror
For any guest the mirror might look like a regular one. They may also think that we are incredible tidy.

03 The secret mirror
Behind the mirror, hubby made a small cupboard.

02 The secret cupboard
We can use it to hide the keys and small bits&pieces.

It took hubby less than 30 minutes and the materials were a few pounds. I don’t take into consideration the mirror, as we already had it. We bought some cheap magnets from ebay, a couple of hinges and small hooks from B&Q.
Hubby started by fixing the hinges into the mirror with small screws. Then he fixed the mirror on the wall with the special type of screws, the ones with the anchors.

04 The secret mirror
Then he fixed a small metal nut in the wall with an electric screwdriver. He placed the magnets on the nut. These are neodymium magnets, small and powerfull.

05 The secret mirror
On the side of the mirror he reused the original mirror hook because he needed something metallic to stick to the magnets.

That’s it. The mirror will close nicely with and it will stay shut even if there is draft, we’ve tested it.

06 The secret mirror

07 The secret mirror

Hope you like my DIY. Leave me a link with any projects you did, I’m always looking for new ideas.

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  1. This is genius! What a great yet simple idea. I am going to see if we can do the same to any of our mirrors, thanks for the inspiration! Becky x #MakingHome

  2. This is actually amazing. I think I’m going to have to do something like this in the hall! Thanks for linking up to #MakingHome!

    1. I find the space very useful even if it’s quite small. Thank you for hosting the linky x

  3. What a fantastic idea! It looks so pretty, and it’s so efficient! I wish I could do DIY projects like this in my house, but I rent so I’d get in trouble.

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