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Two local farms

Last month I didn’t write a post about the local farms because I went to the ones I’ve been before, Windy Arbour Farm and Yew Tree Farm. It was a busy month and I didn’t get the chance of visiting other farms. This month I’ve been to two local farms, that are one next to the other.

The first one was Church View Farm. I went there last year to pick up the pumpkin for Halloween.


We were greeted by their goose and ducks. I said “Hi” to all and they were getting close. As we didn’t have any food, we went into the shop.
I bought a few things and my husband asked if we can buy some duck food to feed their ducks. The lady was so nice, she told us we can get bread to feed them, it was in a basket near the till. I took a few slices and went to feed the ducks. It was fun and next time I’m going to make sure I have something for them.


After we left Church View Farm, we passed by Lydiate Hall Farm. They have tea rooms and a farm shop, located in an old Hall. The Lydiate Hall was built in the 15th century, but only a small part of it still remains. Anyway, the place is beautiful. There are sheep, ducks, pigeons and lots of peacocks. I wasn’t aware we were allowed to feed the peacocks (another mental note to get food for them!).
The Tea rooms were quite busy for Tuesday, at lunch time, only a couple of tables were available. The food looked yummy, but we didn’t stay as we didn’t have enough time.

04-Lydiate Hall Farm

We went to the shop and we bought fresh field hen eggs, this means the hens are left on the field and the size of the eggs differs. I don’t mind that, I actually think it’s a natural approach, as not all eggs should be the same size. They also had lots of potted herbs and some veggies. I already bought courgettes and beetroot, or else I would have gotten a couple of potted veggies from them.

05-Lydiate Hall Farm

This is the building with the Tea rooms, it was busy, as I mentioned earlier. There were so many peacocks and quite friendly. I’ve seen peacocks at tourist attractions, but those weren’t keen in interacting with people. It’s very likely that next week I’m going to the farm again to feed them. The farm is only 20 minutes away from us, so not that far.


This is what I bought from both farms, it was approximately £15 in total. I like that I can buy things I don’t find at the local supermarkets, like duck eggs, fennel, white onions and red delicious apples.

If you want to visit the farms, the addresses are: Lydiate Hall Farm on Southport Rd, Lydiate, Liverpool L31 4HD;
Church View Farm on Southport Road, Lydiate, Merseyside L31 4HJ.

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  1. It was fun to go on a farm tour with you! Much quicker than driving all around myself 🙂 However, I didn’t have as much fun feeding the ducks, from here.

    It is funny that you can’t get Red Delicious apples in the market; that is the one apple that is *always* in our supermarkets, and people go to the farm to get other varieties!

  2. I love that you buy a lot of your stuff from farm shops! Those apples actually look so delicious, not seen any like that in my local supermarket 🙂

    Corinne x

  3. I always try to buy the different-sized eggs if I can! As you say, it’s natural! Ooh and duck eggs too!!!! The peacock is really cool!!!

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