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Wray Castle

This weekend we went to Lake District for the first time. The truth is we work and this means we can’t visit everything we want to because we don’t have time… but I imagine this happens to almost everybody.
So, after 3+ years of living in the Merseyside at less than 2 hours from Lake District, we went there and I loved it. We started our trip with a visit to Wray Castle. It was a different experience because, even if the castle belongs to National Trust, at the time when the property was acquired , there weren’t any pieces of furniture left.

01 Wray Castle National Trust Cumbria

02 Wray Castle National Trust Cumbria

The views of Lake District are stunning, as the castle sits on the shore of Lake Windermere. The castle was built in the 19th century by a Victorian surgeon who was practising in Liverpool. We missed the guided tour, a shame as I think there are some funny stories about a mock-Gothic castle with arches, towers and not a lot of history behind it.

We were allowed to touch and stay on the furniture. I have a few 10s of pictures on the furniture there, as every other tourist.

We received a map, but the lady said we’ll going to get lost. Well, I though she is joking, but she wasn’t. Even with the map we got lost because the castle is like a maze. It’s so much fun to discover it.

04 Wray Castle National Trust Cumbria

05 Wray Castle National Trust Cumbria
There are a lot of activities for kids and the parents are more than eager to join in.

07 Wray Castle National Trust Cumbria
I would have loved to play with the plastic veggies, but there were some kids there and I said is not appropriate as I’m not 7 any more.

We couldn’t take a lot of pictures, every room was full with kids playing. It was nice to see them play and the castle is a really great family attraction.

06 Wray Castle National Trust Cumbria
We played some ping-pong, not an activity I usually get involved in. The ball is so light that it went all over the place. Obviously the ball must have been the issue, I should be able to play perfectly.

08 Wray Castle National Trust Cumbria
And this is me, the princess. There were lots of clothes on 3 or 4 different rails. Of course I had to dress up, it’s something I do, like when I went on 1 hour tour dressed in the regency period in February.

09 Wray Castle National Trust Cumbria

10 Wray Castle National Trust Cumbria

11 Wray Castle National Trust Cumbria

13 Wray Castle National Trust Cumbria

12 Wray Castle National Trust Cumbria

After having fun in the castle, we went on a short walk to the lake. There are other activities outside, mostly for kids and it was crowded, so no pictures from there.

14 Wray Castle National Trust Cumbria

15 Wray Castle National Trust Cumbria

16 Wray Castle National Trust Cumbria

It was a beautiful day out. For parents this is a must, the kids will absolutely love this place. On their website it’s a list of events taking place at the castle, like raft building and besom making. I’m sure they are very popular too.

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  1. I have got to go here, if only for the dressing up. I bought a Medieval style cloak this weekend 🙂 Stunning location and not far away yet I have hardly visited the Lakes. Must do this autumn!

  2. Hi Anca, it certainly looks like we missed out not going inside Wray Castle! We stayed at Low Wray Campsite next door and could not choose between going inside the castle or going across the lake to Brockhole. Next time we will check out the castle! Lisa 🙂

    1. This is so funny, I wanted to have a look at the Low Wray Campsite because I love camping and Lake District is gorgeous.

  3. Oh it looks really nice there! Ha, and I love you in the medieval dress! We went to Belsay hall and I dressed up in the kiddie costumes! The teenage girl supervising the kids bit loved it!
    Just wanted to ask you hun, is there something wrong with the mobile version of your blog? Because I clicked on your comment on my blog and it comes through to your profile and then I clicked on your webpage link address on the left and it started to download something onto my phone and it turned out to be some sort of html gobbeldy-gook which, due to the nature of my phone, I can’t see what file type it is and whether I’ve picked up some virus or some accidental dodgy thing that someone has added to the mobile version of your link. Anyway, I thought I’d let you know, as I’m slightly paranoid about using my phone now! You might want to check it out!x

    1. Thank you Kezzie. I’m going to ask hubby to look, to see what happened, I hope everything is fine.

  4. Wow, it looks so beautiful there! I’ve always wanted to visit the Lake District!


    1. Thank you Lyndsay x It a beautiful place, I would love to visit more and go on hikes, maybe next year.

  5. Looks wonderful – we visited the Lakes last week (also a day trip – 2 hours drive from South Northumberland) and I fell in love. We’re planning a longer stay next year and are NT members so will definitely pay Wray Castle a visit. Thanks for linking to #TravelTales

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