Stratford upon Avon

I have these pictures for a while now, but with work and other commitments I kept postponing showing them. Stratford upon Avon is well known because is the birthplace of William Shakespeare. Hubby and I didn’t study Shakespeare at school, but I read a couple of his plays as a teenager. I also read Lord […]

Cirquec, burlesque bar in Manchester

Last week hubby and I have been invited to Cirquec, a new champagne burlesque bar in Manchester with shows each Saturday. I liked the idea, so Saturday evening we made the trip to Manchester. Cirquec is a few minutes drive from the city centre, but in a less busy area and on road parking wasn’t […]

Lyme House

I have to say this will be another heavy pictured post. Hubby and I went to Lyme House last year on Valentine’s Day for the 200th anniversary of Pride and Prejudice (where we both walked in our regency clothes without a jacket at 5 degrees). On a warmer day we went again to visit the […]

New cashmere poncho

I don’t post my outfits as often as I want to because I forget to take pictures. Yesterday I’ve been to Wirral with work, but remembered to ask hubby to take a few pictures. I’ve bought my first cashmere poncho in February and I used it so many times that it was only justified to […]

Rock Houses

I heard about Kinver Edge and the Rock Houses a couple of years ago, but didn’t have the chance to see them until now. They are now part of the National Trust properties, located in South Staffordshire. A fact that I find fascinating is that until the 1950s people lived there. Also, Tolkien lived nearby […]

Heritage Open Day in Chester

Last weekend we’ve been to Chester for the Heritage Open Days. I like this annually event a lot, as I can see more things in one day and there are special guided tours and special days on locations that are not usually open to the public or advertised as tourist attractions. Bishop Lloyd’s House on […]

A day in Oxford

Hubby and I talked where we should go in our day off last week and after we spent time looking online, I told him “Let’s go to Oxford”. Oxford is far from us, but as we were staying near Birmingham, it was only an hour away. We knew there are park&ride car parks in the […]

The cottage

I mentioned in a post why we are usually going to a self catering cottage when we are away with work. I made a post about the cottage we’ve been to in February. That one was a barn conversion and had character. This month we booked a different type of cottage, a new build. I’m […]

Danny, the horse

I love horses and at the cottage (my next post will be a short description of the cottage) someone kept his horse, Danny. When hubby told me the horse came to great him and the dog I was ecstatic. We though he’s still young judging by his playfulness and curiosity, but he is a 12 […]