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Wild birds and days out

Spring is coming, so this means more days out as the weather gets better and better. I wanted to visit again Bramall Hall (I will blog about it soon) and I remembered seeing there the wild birds. If, like me, you like to feed the birds, remember white bread can be detrimental to them, as it can cause angel wing. I fed them wild bird food, a big bag of 1kg is only a few pounds and it’s safe for them.

Enjoy the pictures!

Wild birds and days out

Wild duck near the water

Wild duck


Ducks chashing each other on the water

Bramall Hall


Do you like feeding wild birds?

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  1. I love to feed the birds at the park opposite where I work – it’s so nice to visit them on a lunch break and can really cheer up my day. I always feel a bit awkward when I see people feeding them bread though – I feel like I should say something but I’m not great at talking to people!

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