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The Thatch, Nantwich

I learned about this pub from a friend. I had no idea we have a 500+ years old pub at an hour drive so we had to visit it. Although we don’t go often to pubs, we enjoy a lot the old ones. We have a very nice one in the Wirral, from the 17th century , I’ll have to take some pictures next time we go there.

The Thatch was built around 1450 by the Tollemache Family. The pub was damaged by the fire of Nantwich and it was rebuild with donations made by HM Queen Elisabeth I, in 1584. The queen aided the people of Nantwich also, I’ve seen on town plaques on different buildings.

The thatch, Nantwich

The hanging baskets are a delight. There are a lot thru Nantwich as well. Love the way the old black beams and white wash contrast with the colourful flowers and green leaves.

The thatch Nantwich 3

Thatch Nantwich

The thatch Nantwich 2

We went inside to have a cup of tea.

The thatch pub Nantwich

The thatch Nantwich pub

Old pub Nantwich

Hubby, who is usually the photographer, now as a model.

The thatch Nantwich review

We’ve visited again Nantwich, a small town at less than 1 hour drive from us. We’ve discovered this old SPA-town last year. Before having a stroll in the town, we’ve been to the man-made lake to feed the swans, pictures here.
I like this town a lot and I do think it’s charming even when the streets are empty.

nantwich 3

Love the Miss Selfridge dress.

nantwich 1

This is an Elizabethan building, quite impressive that looks so good and it’s still up after more than 450 years.

nantwich 2

nantwich 4

nantwich 5

The cocoa yard looks lovely, small shops with nice window displays. They were all closed as it was late.

nantwich 7

nantwich 6

nantwich 14

nantwich 15

nantwich 13

nantwich 12

nantwich 11

nantwich 10

nantwich 9

nantwich 8

nantwich 16

Near the coffee shop it’s Crown Hotel. I’ve seen on their website that this hotel was damaged in a the fire mentioned earlier and it was rebuilt in 1584 with founds given by HM Queen Elisabeth I, like the pub.

nantwich 17

We’ve stopped for an early dinner at the hotel’s restaurant, Casa Brasserie, and I was impressed with the quality of the food and service. I didn’t have high expectations as the prices are less than I would have expected considering it’s in the middle of the town and it’s situated in a Grade II listed building with lots of character.

I had Conchiglie, a vegetarian dish with pan fried veggies. I was happy that the dish wasn’t too oily, the pasta was cooked beautifully, al dente. Hubby had lasagne and was very happy with his dish too.

nantwich 18

We skipped the dessert as we rarely eat more than 1 dish/meal. It’s something we got used to in the recent years. I’m sure the desserts would have been lovely.

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  1. Pub-ul n-arata rau, pentru o cladire atat de batrana! BTW, in curand voi implini si eu 100 de ani! 🙂
    Imi plac locurile de genul celui vizitat de voi, si nici nu-ti imaginezi cat ma bucur ca si in Irlanda exista! Asta ma scuteste de drumurile pana in Anglia, ca sa le vad! Imbratisari, Ancuta, mai povestim pe-aici si vacanta placuta, daca urmeaza una! 🙂

    1. Vai 😀 Ehh, poti sa vizitezi si UK-ul, sa faci o comparatie si mai realista 🙂
      Vacanta nu stiu daca o sa avem, maxim vreo 2 zile cu cortul pe undeva, dar avem treaba si nu ne putem desprinde momentan.

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