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October 2021

We said goodbye to Festus. Initially I didn’t want to put the picture on the day, but I thought it will not make any difference, as it’s not something that I will ever forget. It’s been very hard for us, as we had him for so long and he has been with us everyday since we got him as a 3-month old puppy, almost 12 years ago. There are small things that remind me of him, unexpected things, like the gong at University challenge when the time is up. He used to go up excited when he was hearing that sound, wanting to go in the garden to play, but I didn’t think of that when I was watching the TV show… and at the gong… He will be forever in our hearts.

I spent much of October in London, busy with university and other activities. The range of assessments we have to do is really great and I am enjoying that part (not the exams, but those are next year). I have four modules, very different from each other, each with its unique challenges. I also joined some societies and I enjoy that too. My husband joined me in London when he could.


Besides studying, we went out in London many times. As my studio is in Camden, we are only a short bus-trip away from Camden Market and Swiss Cottage, where we went twice. We went to many vegan places: Rudy’s diner in Camden Market and Islington, Neat Burger in Camden Market and the one close to Oxford Circus, we had delicious lunches at Wulf and Lamb in Marylebone and Mildreds in SOHO. I have a long list of vegan places I want to go next. It’s incredible how many wonderful places are there, completely vegan. We had desserts from other two vegan places, Mookind and Cookies & Scream.


Also in London we got different tomatoes from a French shop, to do tomato-tasting at home. Clockwise from top left: standard supermarket tomato – purple Rabelais (small intense-red) – pineapple tomato (orange) – Crimee (big intense-red). The difference in taste between them is so visible, the texture varies too. I think my favourite was pineapple.

I talked about karting and how amazing it was, such a great experience. I’ve enjoyed it a lot, we both did, and we have tickets to go there again, most likely at some point next month. Racing features quite a lot on the blog, with both us watching F1, Extreme E, and Formula E, and, now, doing a bit of karting once in a while.


1. Dead Aid by Dambisa Moyo, a fascinating book. 2. Festus. 3. We watched the Truman Show. 4. First delivery at the flat, books, of course. 5. Studying. 6. Gorgeous day in London. 7. TBR list of books. 8. Scouse, a Liverpudlian dish. 9. Knowsley Safari Park. 10. Rudy’s vegan diner in Camden Market. 11. A random street in London. 12. Drinks at the Swiss Cottage. 13. Dinner at Rudy’s in Islington. 14. TeamSport Karting. 15. Lady Dinah Cat Cafe. 16. Boat trip with London Waterbus Trip. 17. Rembrandt at Kenwood House. 18. Lunch at uni, a delicious salad. 19. Park. 20. My first shift in London. 21. Avocado tree, from seed. Don’t miss my garden update. 22. Handmaid’s Tale. 23. Extreme E. 24. Verstappen won! 25. View from university. 26. Wulf and Lamb, Marylebone. 27. Freud’s sofa. 28. Mildreds SOHO. 29. Vegan Kind. 30. Back in Liverpool. 31. Books in October.


I only read 6 books in October, two of which were in my TBR list shared earlier this month. I also read a book for my studies, Voltaire. As I am reading a lot of articles and chapters for university, I have less time to read books. Hopefully things will settle down a bit and I will be able to resume reading at a good pace. I would recommend all the books I read this month, all of them were exciting and interesting for different reasons.

Books I read in October:
A Photographic Journey Through the London Underground by Elke Rollmann, Niko Rollmann – 5 stars
Dead Aid by Dambisa Moyo – 5 stars
Royal Mysteries by Timothy Venning – 5 stars
Warrior by Jack Seely – 5 stars
Treatise on Tolerance by Voltaire – 4 stars
Sex and Sexuality in Ancient Rome by L J Trafford – 5 stars

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  1. So sorry to hear about Festus, our dog is almost 12 and I’m dreading that moment, sending virtual hugs. Lovely your husband has been able to visit you. How fab you stay so close to Camden Market, I’d find it difficult not to visit daily instead of studying.

  2. So sorry to hear about Festus, my mum lost her dog recently sending hugs. Looks like you have had some amazing meals, great to hear things are going well for you in London and that your husband has managed to visit too. I do love tomatoes great idea to do a tasting. Hope the studies continue to go well.
    Mudpie Fridays recently posted…Christmas Gifts For FoodiesMy Profile

  3. Lovely Festus will always be in your hearts. He was a big part of your lives. So sad. Big hugs to you.
    You’ve been very busy in London, with studies and exploring the vegan venues – so many photos of tasty food. I imagine London has a huge vafiety of vegan venues.
    Like the sound of books you’ve been reading. Royal Mysteries looks fascinating. I haven’t heard of this book.

  4. Oh Anca, I’m so very sorry that you had to say goodbye to Festus. He sounded like such a lovely dog. Sending virtual hugs. Glad you are enjoying your studies in London. The vegan restaurants all sound amazing and those different types of tomatoes look delicious – I never realised there were so many different kinds. Glad you enjoyed karting. My husband would enjoy that book on the London Underground – one to add to the Christmas list I think! #project365

  5. You had a very busy month and that’s probably a good thing. Even so, I can empathize with your missing Festus. He was such an integral part of your lives I know you must think of him often.

    There are some incredible food photos in this post! My mouth is watering…
    Kelly recently posted…Crazy Chocolate CakeMy Profile

    1. He was such a big part of our lives, it’s hard. I still remember the dog I had as a teenager and Festus was even more special, we were closer.

  6. You’ve really had a topsy turvy October, Anca. I’m glad you’ve found some wonderful restaurants and find the work for your school rewarding but I know it had to be very difficult to kick things off with a farewell to Festus. I’d be petting those cats often at the cafe, just to get a few healing purrs. Your reading sound very complex this month. I suspect it will change as your studies change, too.

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