February 2023

This month marked 1 year of russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine. I talked about charities and books by Ukranian authors. In February I’ve been a couple of times to London, but not too much as there were some strikes and my schedule changed. I shared two posts from London, St Clemens Danes Church and random […]

Slava Ukraini!

Today marks 1 year since the full-scale russian invasion of Ukraine started. I remember vividly the fear, anger, and hate that engulfed me back them. The fear dissipated, the other two increased. In a few days I started to do what I could, I donated to a Romanian animal charity who was helping refugees with […]


Pancake Day 2023

This was the plan: We love pancakes and crepes. Today we are going to eat only pancakes and crepes. I shared an old picture as the post’s featured image. I will change it and update the post next day with pictures taken today. This is basically our plan for today: 4 different types of crepes […]

Tottenham Court

Pictures from London

Today I’m sharing 20 random pictures from London, taken this year. I’m not sure where are all from. View from KCL Strand, the same as the next one, between KCL buildings Benji’s Buns, Ealing Wellcome Collection KCL, Waterloo campus Tottenham Court, some of the following are from the same area Euston station

St Clemens Danes Church interior

St Clemens Danes Church

St Clemens Danes Church is a church on the Strand, close to King’s College, so we went to see it, as it was open when we passed on our way to the university. The church has a 1000 year history. This building was designed by Sir Christopher Wren. In front is a statue of Sir […]

Ukrainian books

Ukrainian books

Today President Zelensky made a surprise visit to Britain, so I’ve decided to post today about the books I plan to read about Ukraine, written by Ukrainians, photographed on the Ukrainian and British flags. I keep these two flags in our conservatory. The Ukrainian one is from a march I’ve been to, last year in […]

Raspberry & Vodka Chocolate Thins from Fortnum & Mason

Raspberry & Vodka Chocolate Thins

I got Raspberry & Vodka Chocolate Thins from Fortnum & Mason for my husband. Initially I wanted to get them for Valentine’s Day, but ended up gifting them earlier. I love buying from Fortnum & Mason once in a while. Their teas are very good, so in the last years I got some as Christmas […]