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Knowsley Safari Park. June 2021

It was hot when we visited Knowsley Safari Park this month. As a result many of the animals were sleeping in the trees’ shadow. The Rhinos were happy to go about, as they are not happy when it rains though.

Deer at Knowsley Safari Park

The deer were enjoying the water to cool down.



I have no idea what specie this bird is. It made Knowsley his home for a short while, I assume.


The Rhinos were very happy to have their meal besides the road.


We’ve decided to avoid the monkey enclosure this time. They seemed to enjoy the cars though.

Monkeys at Knowsley Safari Park

The little ones were learning how to climb onto the cars.


It looks like a big branch, very easy to miss if you don’t know exactly where he spends his days, of course, I’m talking about the Moose.



The lions were not too happy with the hot day, all sleeping under the trees in their enclosure, completely ignoring the cars.


Isn’t he cute?


I didn’t spot the wolf, but he had a makeover just in time for the summer by the looks of it.

Camels at Knowsley Safari Park

The camels were having a makeover too, looking very scruffy.

Camels at Knowsley Safari Park

Scruffy, but cute if you ask me. They were not interested in the cars, although sometimes they are.


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  1. You always get amazing photos at the safari park! It’s interesting to see how the weather affects the animals – just like us. I wish I could nap all day when it’s hot!

    Julia x

  2. Always fun to see your safari visit. Great photographs. The camels are so cute and the little monkeys climbing the cars are just adorable. It’s good that the deer cooled down in the water, makes sense to me. I cannot blame the lions for wanting to sleep through the heat, either. I feel inclined to do the same these days. The arrival of summer heat was a bit too sudden for my taste. Have a nice weekend!

    1. There are a few different species of deer and some were in the shadow, some in water, and some were sleeping in the middle of the field, in full sunshine. It’s fascinating to see how different they are.

  3. Great shot of the rhinos! It really shows just how massive they are. I’ve never seen a bird with a crest like that. It’s interesting.

    I’ve got a dog or two around here looking pretty scruffy, as well. In their case, I should go out and help things along with a slicker brush.
    Kelly recently posted…Toy ShopMy Profile

    1. They are massive. I’m always impressed by their size. I would have loved a big brush to help the camels with their loose hair. They didn’t seem too bothered about their hair though.

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