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Bodleian Library. Pictures Only

Bodleian Library offers three tours, so make sure you book yours if you are visiting Oxford. It’s really nice and the guide offers plenty of details.

Bodleian Library - Door

Bodleian Library - Divinity School
Divinity School


Chamber at Bodleian Library

Wooden panels



Sir Thomas Bodley’s Chest

Bodleian Library - another building

Sheldon tapestry map of Gloucestershire, circa 1590

Map of Palestine, late 14th century


3D model of brain and heart

A survey of the microcosme, Johann Remmelin, London, 1695

Selenographia by Johannes Hevelius, Danzig, 1647

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  1. I haven’t been in the Bodleian for many years, but used to do some research and study there. Such a marvellous place to visit (and work). Maybe I should have a tour as well, with Eddie, he might enjoy visiting it.

  2. I sure wish I’d visited the Bodleian that summer I spent in Oxford. It looks gorgeous on the inside! I love maps, and those you’ve picture look fascinating. Fun hands-on casts of the brain and heart, too.

    1. The heart and brain were 3D printed. It was interesting to see both together, especially as their difference in size is so clear.

      1. That’s even more interesting! My husband is fascinated with the idea of 3D printing and what all will be done that way eventually.

    1. I would recommend the 90 minutes tour. We’ve had the 60 minutes one, as it was the only one available that day.

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