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8th Gotcha Day

I blogged about the day we’ve got Festus from the breeder. A few years ago I shared a collage of pictures with Festus through the years on 5th Gotcha Day. I also talked about The Best Christmas Gift.

8th Gotcha Day

From the first moment I saw him I knew I want to take him home with us. Now, after 8 years, I can’t be happier. He means so much for me. Enjoy the pictures with him.

8th Gotcha Day, Festus and my husband

I love this picture I took of my husband with Festus earlier today.

Dog looking at the camera

He learned from a young age that if he looks directly at the camera, he might get a treat. So, to make sure he doesn’t miss anything, he will look at the camera every time. This also means that it’s very difficult to take a picture of him sleeping with his head on the Christmas gifts. He got up when I took the camera, so he paid attention, the whole treat-business he has to keep in mind.
That being said, he was extremely cute using the gifts as a pillow, but I don’t have any pictures to show.

Dog relaxing by the Christmas tree

Taking pictures, after walkies and breakfast, is a tiring thing. So, taking a nap, while still paying attention to what happens at home. A dog has to keep his hopes of getting treats high. He does get around 10 treats each day, maybe more (small pieces of crackers, to keep the calories in check).


We are celebrating each year his Gotcha Day. We don’t do something too complicated, just a game, a treat, having a bit of fun. Usually we spend the day at home, as late December is not the perfect time for a day out. My husband did try something new today with Festus, encouraging him to jump through a hoop. Festus, even if it was the first time he tried it, he actually did great, jumped through it very excited. As you can imagine, a treat followed the jump. Now Festus is sleeping and he is wagging his tail, I wonder if he is dreaming he is jumping.

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  1. I’ve never thought of calling it ‘Gotcha Day’ it’s a good idea.
    We had a celebration on 1st September which was a year to the day we got Ralf our rescue puppy.

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